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The Mike Mitchell Hit And The Steelers Game Changed The Chiefs Season

Brad Fanning
November 27, 2017 - 2:09 pm

I get it. You want Alex Smith benched in favor of Patrick Mahomes II. The Chiefs have lost 5 of their last 6-games and look nothing like the team that beat the Patriots and got off to a 5-0 start.

So how did we go from Smith being an MVP candidate to the fan base wanting him benched?\

I think I have, at least, part of the answer.

It happened in the loss to the Steelers.  Smith was hit 9-times, sacked 3-times and nearly had both knees buckled by a cheap shot from behind by the Steelers Mike Mitchell.

Smith hasn’t been the same since.  He’s had the dreaded “happy feet,” he’s missed open receivers and he appears to take off running if his first receiving option isn’t open.

Smith was hit 43-times and sacked 19-times in the first 6-weeks of the season.  He’s gun shy.  The Mitchell hit was the final nail.

Even though he’s only been 16-times and sacked 6-times in the last week 5-weeks, the damage has been done. 

Andy Reid on replacing Smith:

It’s why we see him take off and scramble sooner.  It’s why he’s in a hurry to get rid of the football.  Getting hit be some of the biggest, fastest, most competitive and meanest dudes on the planet will affect your performance.

It would take a total re-boot of his very intelligent brain to fix the problem.  Re-boots happen in the offseason.  Not right now.  The Chiefs have 5-weeks left in the season.  That’s not enough time.

Andy and Alex:

It’s time for Mahomes II to get his shot.  It’s the only way to try and fix the Chiefs. 

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