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Mahomes Isn't Favre

You're Wrong And It's A Lazy Comparison

Brad Fanning
October 04, 2018 - 10:29 pm

What if we have an original in Kansas City? The real McCoy.  What if we have "It" at the most important position in professional sports? 

We waited 34-years for the Chiefs to finally draft another quarterback in the first round. What if Patrick Mahomes is one of the greats? What if, after all these years of being foster football parents to other people's quarterbacks, we have a one of a kind player?

To hell with the "what if?"...I think we do.

He's not Brett Favre and that's a lazy comparison.  So stop it.

Brett Favre didn't take care of the football.  Brett Favre threw 336 interceptions in 302 games.  The most of any quarterback in NFL history.  He was a gunslinger alright - a gunslinger that shot himself in the foot a lot.  Listen, I'm not here to trash Favre.  I loved the guy.  He'd fart on the sidelines while he was mic'd up.  He wore wranglers.  He chewed.  He was funny, real and a blast to watch play football.  He was high maintenance and a little petty towards the end of his career, but we're all guilty of that at some point in our lives.

Favre is a dude I'd like to rip beers with, but I'd rather have Mahomes as my quarterback in Kansas City.

Mahomes is a football junky with a photogenic memory.  Favre didn't know what a nickel defense was until late in his career.  Because he never asked.  Because he didn't care.  Because he could always get by on raw talent and personality.  Favre was the kid that got all A's and never had to apply himself.

Mahomes is a freakishly advanced version of Favre.  Mahomes is the honor student that works at his craft. 

He's got the talent, the brains, he's coachable and has the passion to prepare.  Mahomes is playing the best quarterback of anybody in the NFL.  And there are four active QB's, maybe five, that are locks to be in the Pro Football Hall Of fame (Tom Brady, Big Ben, Drew Brees, Eli Manning and Philip Rivers.)

I certainly won't say that Mahomes will do what he's on pace to do this year (56-touchdown passes, no interceptions and 4,800-yards passing).  Mahomes will have his bad games, but his bad games will be better than Favre's.  His great games will be better than Favre's.

Mahomes is an original. 

He's got the gunslinging ability of Favre.  The game managing ability of Alex Smith.  The ability to extend a play like Aaron Rodgers.  An arm like no other.  And memory recall that has amazed those who have come in contact with him

So stop it.  Just Stop.  He's not Favre. 

He's Patrick.  He's ours.  And he's one of a kind. 


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