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The "JAMBINO" Is Coming To Town!

Every Great Ball Player Needs A Nickname

Brad Fanning
April 09, 2018 - 4:43 pm

Pete Rose was Charlie Hustle.  Hank Aaron was Hammerin' Hank.  And Babe Ruth was the Bambino.  All the greats had killer nicknames.  The Angels Shohei Ohtani certainly hasn't reached "Great" status, but he is the talk of Major League Baseball.

I'm giving the Japanese star this nickname.  From here on out Shohei Ohtani shall be known as "The Jambino."  He is the modern day version of Babe Ruth.  Like the Bambino, the Jambino is a terrific pitcher and he hits bombs.

His splitter is dirtier than Binkley's man cave.  His heater hits triple digits. 

The Jambino rolls into KC for a 4-game series starting Thursday.  He'll most likely hit in the first game Thursday night and pitch on Saturday.  

He has the same amount of wins (2) as a pitcher as the Royals do as a team (2).  He has more home runs (3) than the Royals (2) have as a team.  

We haven't seen a player like this since the Bambino.  The Jambino is 713 homers shy of catching the Bambino.  And he needs 92 more wins to tie the Bambino's pitching record. Save your "He hasn't done anything yet" takes. Because he has done something.  He's captured the attention of Major League Baseball and he's done it in a week and a half.


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