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Fanning's Baseball Fight Rules 1.0

Drop The Gloves And Do It Hockey Style

Brad Fanning
April 12, 2018 - 6:19 pm

There were a couple of baseball fights Wednesday.  That got me thinking - baseball fights need better rules.  Not unwritten rules.  Legitimate rules.  These rules are based around two simple things. If you're gonna fight, make it a good one.  And let's make sure the fewest amount of millionaires end up on the disable list.  

So here's Fanning's Baseball Fight Rules 1.0....

1. It needs to go down hockey style.  Just two guys throwin' knuckles.  Some reliever that's been sitting in the bullpen all day and just got promoted from Triple-A Poughkeepsie doesn't need to get sucker punched. He just got to the show.  He's an innocent bystander.  He's been eating jam sandwiches and riding a bus for 5-years.  

2. The fight stops when one of the guys goes to the ground.  If a pitcher gives a hitter a 95mph rib sandwich and then lays down so he doesn't get punched - he'll have to live with that the rest of his life. The pitcher will most likely, at least, try to get a shot in there to avoid being labeled as "soft."

3. 5-game suspension for the players that fight.  Based on this Fanning Baseball Fight rule, Nolan Arenado would be dinged a smidge over $548,000 for his role in the Padres/Rockies fight. 

4.  5-game suspension and an additional fine for any player or coach that comes off the bench.  The last thing you need is 50-plus alpha males slingin' fists with spikes flying. If you come off the bench and want a shot at the title - you're going to get sucker punched in your pocket book.

5.  Finally, there should be a 2-minute fight limit.  We've got to appease the millenials.  They have no attention span.  And everybody complains about the legnth of baseball games.  The fights need to be short.  

Since we're talking about baseball fights, why not re-show the best punch in the history of baseball fights. 



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