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Fanning sounds off on rankings

A bit early?

Brad Fanning
September 12, 2017 - 2:34 pm

Rankings Schmankings


Be sour if you want, but your wasting valuable time and brain space.  The Chiefs are ranked 3rd in ESPN's latest power rankings and 2nd according to the NFL.  I know what you're thinking.."How can my Chiefs be ranked 3rd by the worldwide leader after going on the road and beating the greatest dynasty in the history of the universe."


My answer to that is (Bruce Weber Voice) "Who cares!"

Week two rankings mean nothing.  They're the same as college rankings right now.  Talk to me in a month.  


Talk to me after we get four games into the season.  Talk to me after the Chiefs play two homes games (Eagles, Redskins) and their first road division game (Chargers). 


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