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Chris Jones Has A Lot To Prove This Year

The 3rd Year Is Pivotal

Brad Fanning
June 15, 2018 - 6:08 pm

I know "Todd Haley" is a touchy subject in Kansas City.  But the former Chiefs Head Coach and current Offensive Coordinator of the Browns said something to that got me thinking.  Haley said this when asked about Browns wide receiver Corey Coleman, 

"I've seen him every day. He understands this is a big, big year in his career. Year three is usually the make-or-break year of what kind of  player you're going to be.”

The first Chiefs player that popped in my head after I read Haley's quote was defensive lineman Chris Jones.  We love this dude.  He's "Hot Cocoa."  He's got the great laugh that we constantly play on The Drive on 610 Sports Radio.  He says he should be the backup QB.  He calls himself "A fatty."  What's not to love? 

I'm not a "jersey guy," but I would consider wearing a Jones jersey.....if he can convince me he's going to be in Kansas City long term.  He's got to convince his employer as well. 

Like Coleman, Jones is in his 3rd year and I think it's fair to ask "What kind of player will he be?"  Will he be the guy that got three sacks against the Eagles last year or the player that only got three and a half sacks the rest of the season?

Athlon Sports ranks him as the 8th best defensive lineman in the 3-4 scheme.  But this year the Chiefs are going to use him at the nose tackle position, a little.  When asked about playing the nose at mandatory mini-camp this week Jones said,

"No Comment."

I wonder if it's a concern that the Chiefs don't know where to put him?  Is he a tweener? Not affective enough to get to the quarterback on a consistent basis and not quite big enough to play nose tackle?  

These are questions that the Chiefs need answered this year.  I'm sure Jones knows the importance of his 3rd season.  If he wants to get a 2nd contract from the Chiefs he needs to have a big year.  He needs to make the jump and establish himself has a pass rusher and/or a run stopper.  

I'm rooting for "Hot Cocoa" to get that done.  I want to hear that laugh for many years to come. 



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