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This is the Chiefs Jersey to Own in 2017

Fanning's Perfect Solution for Chiefs Fans in Need of New Gear

Brad Fanning
August 09, 2017 - 3:21 pm

My first shopping tip:  Use your brain and not your heart.  A Nike Elite Chiefs jersey, according to the Chiefs website, will cost you $295.

Who's in charge of pricing? Lavar Ball?

That's a lotta lettuce to spend on anything, so I'm here to help you get the most bang for your buck when you buy your Chiefs jersey this year.


1.Kareem Hunt. Why? The owner's name is on the back. It's a timeless buy. Clark's not going anywhere. Kareem is probably going to start this year at some point. He's a rookie. He'll be around awhile and when he's gone...just say it's a Clark jersey.

2.Personalized jersey. "Big Daddy 69" is my all-time favorite. Unless you decide to rob a bank in your personalized jersey, it's a timeless buy. 

3.Chiefs Ring of Honor players. Derrick Thomas, Lenny the Cool, Willie Lanier etc. 


1. Any running back not named "Hunt."

2. A veteran player that makes a lot of money near the end of his contract like Alex Smith or Dustin Colquitt.  You're spending a lot of cash on a guy that's probably going to get cut (Jeremy Maclin.)

3. Kickers.  If you just spent $295 on a Cairo Santos jersey and he misses a game winning chip shot expect to get heckled and/or booze dumped on you.  Or worse.  Do you really want to get sucker punched because of a kicker?

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