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3 Things Jeff Long Has To Get Right At Kansas

Brad Fanning
July 05, 2018 - 4:15 pm

Kansas has it's man.  The new athletic director is a man named Jeff Long.  He was fired at Arkansas in November, but seems to be well respected throughout the industry.  He spent 10-years running the Razorbacks athletic department.  He has a history of making non-revenue sports successful.  He served as the inaugural College Football Playoff selection committee.  Great.  Good for him.  But he's at Kansas now and he needs to do three things if he wants to survive and thrive in Rock Chalk Land.

1. Fix football

2. Fundraise

3. Don't screw up basketball

Let's start with the football problem in Lawrence, KS.  Long got whacked because of the lack of success in football.  But success in the SEC is on a different planet than football success at KU.  Arkansas went 4-8 last year.  7-6, the year before and 8-5 in 2015.  Raise your hand if you'll take 4-8 at Kansas!  I'm in.  

As for fundraising....KU is in the process of trying to raise $350-million for football stadium renovations.  He better work some magic and keep the cash flowing.  One of the ways you can lure a great coach to campus is by giving him the tools to recruit the best players.  A top notch stadium and training facilities are a couple of ways to do that.

Basketball is king and always will be king at Kansas.  If Long screws that up, he's cooked.  He's done.  He has a 5-year contract.  As much as this scares Jayhawk fans, there is a chance he will be in charge of hiring Bill Self's replacement.  He has to get that right.  That's non-negotiable.  

So Jeff, welcome to Kansas.  We wish you well.  Please fix football, raise a ton of money and don't screw up our beloved basketball.  PS...try some BBQ.  It's much better here than in Arkansas. 

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