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2019 Predictions for KC Sports

Here's What I Think Will Happen in 2019

Bob Fescoe
January 01, 2019 - 4:32 pm

Welcome to 2019!  This has the possibility to be the most exciting year EVER in Kansas City Sports history.  I am sure at some point we will be rejected again for the NFL Draft, expect that to happen around April.  KU fans will be happy to get a loss out of their system as the real portion of college basketball, March Madness, approaches and it should happen about the time Bill Self calls his team soft.  Chiefs fans will want every single offensive player that is available (Antonio Brown and LeVeon Bell) to come to Kansas City even though none of them play defense.  Royals fans will demand Ned to be fired when he calls for a hit and run in a Tuesday afternoon game against the White Sox in May.  We will debate NBA or NHL sometime during June because both sports will have just finished their title series and we think BOTH should be in KC.  (Got an owner?) And finally even with all of that happening we will still have a better sports year than St. Louis!  Here's what I think will happen in 2019.

January-  The Chiefs will FINALLY get that home playoff win.  They will then have a matchup with the New England Patriots for the right to go to the Super Bowl.  It will be the future vs the All Time Great and I can't wait to see how that one plays out.  Kansas will remain undefeated in Big 12 Basketball.

February- I am no Kreskin or Nostradamus but I see some sort of parade or celebration in Kansas City around the 5th of February.  It's the Tuesday after the big game in Atlanta.  It's also the Lunar New Year.  The Royals will report to Spring Training and the young kids from Kowar to Singer to Mondi and even Bubba really impress everyone who sees them in Arizona.  It appears the foundation is set and now the Royals just have to build the rest of the house.

March- Kansas will play the "No Respect" card as they claim the #2 overall seed in the NCAA Tournament.  They will be in the Kansas City region this year and KC hasn't been too kind to the Jayhawks in the post season.  Remember a few seasons ago, they lost to Oregon in the Elite 8.  K-State will end a nice season with a 5 seed and they will be shipped out of Kansas City causing Wildcat Fans to lose their mind and claim the NCAA in in bed with KU.

April- Kansas will play in the Final 4 and will lose to Duke.  Seriously Duke is better than everyone else and we will see why the 1 and Done rule the NBA has is really stupid.  The Royals will be in their first full month of the season and there will be some awesome moments and some really bad ones as well.  Have tempered expectations about the 2019 version.

May- After Bill Self announces he's heading the Clippers, Kansas looks for the next head coach.  After Jeff Long tries to hire Mike Anderson away from Arkansas citing that he "knew him" and applying the Les Miles hiring practices, Long has no where to turn.  Larry Brown comes in on a white horse and takes over the program for 1 year giving Tim Jankovich one more year to pad his resume at SMU.

June- Eric Berry misses the first week of OTA's with a foot injury.

July- We hit the All Star break and the Royals are in the Wild Card Race.  They sit 6 games back of the final wild card spot, over achieving in the first part of 2019. Danny Duffy leads the team with 14 saves.

August- Training camp is underway in St Joe for the defending Champion Chiefs.  After missing all of OTA's Eric Berry is still sitting out, saying it's not in his spirit to play right now. The non waiver trade deadline comes and goes and the Royals stand pat causing fans to lose their mind that they didn't get some no name Double A bullpen arm for Hamilton who is leading the team with 25 stolen bases.

September- The Chiefs host the 2019 opener for all to see on Thursday Night Football and its The Chargers vs the Chiefs to open the year.  KC will win that game but they will go just 2-2 in the first month of the season prompting many on twitter to call for Andy Reid to retire because he got too "fat and happy" this off season after winning a title.  Fans will be in a sold out Kauffman Stadiuum on Sept 29th for Alex Gordon Day.  Weeks prior Gordon announces he is done after this season.  Kansas City fans show support for a guy who hit arguably the biggest home run in franchise history.

October- The Royals won't be in the post season but they head into the offseason with the feeling of 2013 all over again.  The young kids played well, pitching was outstanding and they played amazing defense.  The Chiefs will start to have post Super Bowl turmoil.  The defense still isn't stopping anyone and Patrick Mahomes is caught shooting catsup all over Bob Sutton's car.  There were reports of a rotund man with a mustache licking up the evidence.

November- The Chiefs make a late season run beating Houston, Indy and the Titans in back to back to back games to come within a game of the Chargers in teh AFC West.  Kansas football finishes with 4 wins.  Les Miles eats grass.  K- State has a great season and heads to the Liberty Bowl in Memphis.  Mizzou ends up as a top 25 team again playing in the Citrus Bowl.

December- On the final day of the Winter Meetings Dayton Moore will sign Madison Bumgarner to a 2 year contract.  Much like James Shields was in 2014 for the Royals, this 2020 version needs their Shields.  Bumgarner comes to KC and becomes a rock star.  He leads the rotation for 2 years having a huge impact on the team and the city.  The Chiefs beat the Chargers on the last day of the season to win their 4th straight AFC West ensuring Bob Sutton returns as defensive coordinator.


We shall see what happens and what more than likely doesn't happen.  This could be a good blueprint to follow as we roll thru 2019.

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