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Denver Comes To Arrowhead

Chiefs Looking for Sweep of Series

Bob Fescoe
October 25, 2018 - 6:48 pm

A rematch with the Broncos already?  It feels like just yesterday we were out in Denver watching Patrick Mahomes throw a left handed pass to Tyreek Hill late in the game to give the Chiefs the eventual win.  The schedule makers in New York aren't really doing us any favors.  I would LOVE to play the Broncos on the last day of the season but alas we are here and have to beat this team twice in one month.  The game out in Mile High was a scary one.  The Broncos played the Chiefs better than any opponent this season so clearly they aren't afraid of the speed and problems the Chiefs present on offense.  If KC wants to get a 2nd win over Denver in 2018, here is what they need to do:


1.  Play good defense- Denver had a great game plan last time.  They ran the football and they controlled the line of scrimmage.  I expect Denver to have the same gameplan on Sunday.  They averaged 7.2 yards per rush.  The Chiefs need their defense to get off the field and the only way to do that is to shut down the Denver running game.

2.  Make Something out of Nothing- Mahomes has been a magician this year.  Just when you think a play is going to break down and end up with no gain, Mahomes finds ways to chew up yards.  Its part of the reason why he has been hit 40 times already this season but sacked just 8 times.  There isn't a better creator of yards in the NFL right now than Mahomes.  If he is able to stay upright and get sacked 1 or fewer times, the Chiefs should win the football game.

3.  Score on Opening Drive- Its been vital for the Chiefs this season.  They have scored on the first drive every single game in 2018.  However, its even more vital for Andy Reid.  In his tenure the his teams are 88-26 when they score on the opening drive.  They are 62 games above .500 when they score on the opening possession.  That is pretty impressive.

4.  Lead at halftime- This may be the most impressive stat I've ever seen.  In his 200 wins as an NFL head coach, Andy Reid is 151-29 when leading at halftime.  In all but 49 of his career wins his teams had the lead at the halfway point.  He knows how to hold onto a lead.  If the Chiefs are ahead after 30 minutes its a great chance they win the game.

5.  Hold em under 20- Since Reid has taken over the Chiefs, his defenses are 3rd in the NFL in points allowed at 19.6 per game.  They may give up a lot of yards but they are stingy in the points department.  If Denver scores under 20, the Chiefs will win.

I have the Chiefs winning this one with ease, 38-17 on Sunday.

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