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3-0 Should Happen for the Chiefs

The Blueprint to a Win

Bob Fescoe
September 20, 2018 - 3:51 pm

So, for the first time since 2017 the Chiefs are looking to start a season 3-0.  Their opponent is San Francisco and so far this season the 49ers don't look like the same team that finished last season on a hot streak.  The minute you take an opponent for granted is when you lose and as long as Andy Reid is running the show, I feel confident the Chiefs won't look past a regular season opponent.  Nonetheless, the Chiefs have to accomplish a few things on Sunday if they expect to stay perfect.

1.  Get to the QB- The secondary isn't good enough to stop the opponent on their own.  As they say, it takes a village and the success of the village will come from getting to the quarterback.  Jimmy G may be very good looking but he isn't good under pressure.  Maybe Justin Houston will show up this week.  In week one Garoppolo was pressured on half of his drop backs and the 49ers lost the game.  We don't need a boat load of sacks, just pressures.


2.  Keep Reuben Foster quiet- The 49ers linebacker is making his first start of the season after seriving a 2 game suspension so you know he will be hungry.  Foster was involved in over 70 tackles last year in 10 games so he has a nose for the football.  Try not to let him take over the game on defense.

3.  Big on Special Teams- I am going to say this every week because the Chiefs are undefeated in a big part because of special teams.  Heck you can make the case they are undefeated BECAUSE of special teams.  Again, a touchdown isn't necessary, but a big return would do wonders for the offense and really bring the crowd to their feet.  As long as Dave Toub is coaching the special teams I HAVE to expect something big every Sunday.

4.  Mahomes keeps Mahomesing- 6 touchdowns may be a lot to ask but I am going to get greedy anyway and ask for 3.  I don't think that is too much to ask for is it?  I mean 3 touchdowns is basically a half day for the kid now!  Lets see 3 touchdowns thru the air and all will be good in Kansas City.  Even the San Francisco coaches are nervous

5.  Take advantage of the home crowd- Arrowhead will be juiced on Sunday.  Let that work in your favor.  The defense needs to feed off the crowd and truly use it as a 12th man.  I think we will see at least on procedural penalty on Sunday and that could be a big factor in getting the win. Kyle Shanahan knows the KC crowd is a difference maker

Sunday will be epic.  I can't wait to get to the stadium and watch this one.  Chiefs win 28-17.


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