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Chiefs Charge Towards West Title

Win Tonight Gives KC 3 Straight West Titles

Bob Fescoe
December 12, 2018 - 5:46 am

After a tough win over the Ravens the Chiefs have a quick turn around tonight and will face the Chargers in a game that many have been anticipating since last month.  This one could end up deciding the division title.  A win by the Chiefs and they own the west for the 3rd consecutive year.  If the Chargers win, things start to get a little complicated for KC.  The Chiefs can also wrap up home field advantage this week.  Any combination of a Chiefs win and a Patriots loss will make the road to the Super Bowl go thru Arrowhead Stadium and Kansas City.  So let's take a look at what the Chiefs have to do to come out on top tonight.

1.  Turnovers- We talked about it on Wednesday, but the Chargers turn it over a ton against the Chiefs.  They don't do it against other teams but against KC 36% of their turnovers over the past 2 years have come vs our town's team.  We need to mess with Philip Rivers.  The Chiefs are renting space inside that guys head and have been for fact for so long its rent controlled.   So 2 INT's of Rivers and the Chiefs will waltz to an easy win. KC has picked him off 14 times in the 9 game winning streak

2.  Red Zone Defense Steps Up- The Chiefs are one of the worst teams in the red zone on defense but the Chargers aren't all that special on offense inside the 20.  They only convert 60% of the time.  So the defense needs to be strong when the Chargers get into scoring range.  Keep LA to 60% or less inside the red zone and the Chiefs will win the game.  You have to score touchdowns, not field goals to beat the Chiefs.

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3.  Don't throw an interception- The formula sounds simple enough but man it rings true.  If you don't give the other team extra possessions you will win games more often than not.  Teams under Andy Reid are amazing when they don't throw an interception.  They are 105-41 when the QB doesn't give it away.  If Mahomes doesn't toss an INT in this game, KC will win.

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4.  Don't Allow a 100 Yard Rusher- We literally have NO IDEA who is going to play running back for the Chargers on Thursday night.  Melvin Gordon is banged up and they have dudes that no one has ever heard of before suiting up at running back.  The Chiefs are 25th best in the NFL in stopping the run and we know that isn't good.  But with the playoffs looming and stopping the run a must in January a big game by the defense could help them build confidence heading into the month that matters the most.

5.  Continue the Streak- The Chiefs lead the NFL in Goal to Go drives this year with 34.  In those 34 drives they have ZERO turnovers.  When the Chiefs get in Goal to Go Situations against the Chargers its simple:  Don't turn it over.  If they play mistake free football in those situations they will win.

Chiefs win in a close one 35-33.

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