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Chiefs Keys to a Win

Sunday Won't Be Easy

Bob Fescoe
December 06, 2018 - 3:16 pm

Sunday is a HUGE game for the Kansas City Chiefs.  If they knock off the Baltimore Ravens, the Chiefs will clinch a playoff spot for the 5th time in 6 seasons under Andy Reid.  It's pretty remarkable for a franchise that was spinning its wheels before Reid arrived on the scene.  Lamar Jackson at quarterback changes a lot of things for both the Chiefs and the Ravens.  If KC wants to grab their 11th win of the year and clinch that playoff spot, here is what they are going to have to do on Sunday

1. Stop Lamar Jackson- Since Jackson took over 3 weeks ago, the Ravens offense has been averaging 37.5 minutes of possession per game, that is 2.5 minutes LONGER than any other team in the NFL over that time frame.  Jackson isn't doing it with his arm, he is running the ball effectively and moving the sticks.  Jackson has revived this offense which is scoring more than 4 points a game MORE than with Joe Flacco and if the Chiefs hold him to under 60 yards rushing they will win the game.

2.  Stop the run- The Chiefs are 22nd in the NFL in run defense.  Not good.  Last week against the Raiders they gave up a season high 171 yards on the ground.  Baltimore has 3 guys that can beat you on the ground.  Their running game could remind some of the old Army and Navy backfields with the wishbone!  Baltimore ran for over 200 yards last week against the Falcons.  If the Chiefs rushing defense can hold Baltimore to under 130 yards rushing, they will win.

3.  Don't Fall Asleep-  Last week the Ravens had a fake punt and they went for it on 4th down.  Both plays were successful for Baltimore.  Kansas City has to be ready for everything.  The Ravens have an advantage.  They have NOTHING to lose.  The Chiefs have EVERYTHING to lose in this game.  KC better not take a play off because if they do, the Ravens will find a way to slip one past you and capitalize.  If KC doesn't give up the trick play, they will win.

4.  Force a Turnover- One of the topics in Baltimore this week is how Lamar Jackson can do a better job of protecting the football.  It goes beyond Lamar.  The Ravens are minus 6 this year in the turnover department.  They are 23rd best in the NFL...which means they aren't very good.  If the Chiefs can be plus 1 or better they will win the football game.

5.  Get the Ground Game Going- The Ravens are stingy against the run.  They allow less than 90 yards per game.  The Chiefs have to show they can run the football without Kareem Hunt.  No matter how they do it, I need the Chiefs to get over 145 yards rushing.  If they can do that, they will win the game.

Its going to be a nail biter at Arrowhead on Sunday.  The Chiefs will prevail 28-21.

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