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Without a Doubt, these are the Top 5 Chiefs of All Time

Who Makes Your List?

Bob Fescoe
July 26, 2018 - 6:34 am

As we begin another season of Chiefs football, I started to think about the greatest Chiefs of All Time.  After much consideration, thought and discussion I came up with these 5 guys as my top Chiefs of all time.  Without further adieu....


5.  Leo McGarry - Leo is the first Chief of Staff we meet on the hit series The West Wing.  McGarry is basically the guy who keeps President Bartlet on his toes.  He handles the day to day activity for the President and eventually becomes a VP.  Its a tough job and many guys don't last long in this role.  The Chief of Staff in any administration is essentially the brains behind the operation.


4.  H. Roe Bartle - The former Mayor of Kansas City was nicknamed Chief and he is the man for whom our football team is named.  Without Bartle's vision we may never have gotten an NFL team here in Kansas City.

3.  Robert Parish - The former Boston Celtic great is nicknamed "Chief".  He's one of the Top 50 NBA Players of all time and has played in a record 1,611 NBA games.  Plus he has won 4 NBA Titles.  Parish is truly a top Chief.

2.  George Washington - The original Commander in Chief.  He was the first President of the United States and led our military to victory over England when NO ONE thought it could be done.  Washington is one of the best Chiefs to have ever lived!

1. Chief Wiggum - The greatest TV Chief of all time.  This dude kept order in Springfield, USA.  NOTHING ever got by him!

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