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We Should Be Thankful for KC Sports

Many Folks Deserve a Thanks in 2018

Bob Fescoe
November 18, 2018 - 4:19 pm

This time of year is all about giving thanks.  It's also important to take a look back and see what folks deserve thank you's in Kansas City sports.  A lot has happened in 2018 so it's important to give thanks for all the good we have experienced.  So without anymore small talk, here is who we have the most to be thankful for in 2018.


1.  John Dorsey- You may think I'm nuts, but his fingerprints are all over this amazing Chiefs team.  He drafted Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill in the middle rounds and was the GM that traded up to get Patrick Mahomes.  If the Chiefs go on to a Super Bowl win this year, Dorsey should be fitted with a ring.

2.  Andy Reid- Reid has gone out of his comfort zone in 2018.  He allowed the team to move on from Alex Smith and he accepted Patrick Mahomes as the QB of the present and future.  He changed up his offense to fit what Mahomes does best and he's been a brilliant head coach so far this season. We give thanks to Reid for evolving and proving that at 60 you can still learn and get better.

3.  Patrick Mahomes- Do we really have to say why we are thankful for Mahomes?  Well, the reason I am thankful for Mahomes is the way he has created hope for fans.  This franchise has had an amazing fan base for years.  KC finally has a QB to call our own and one that dazzles each and every week.  We need to make sure we thank Mahomes every chance we get because without him, who knows where this franchise is right now.

4.  Peter Vermes- I think I have him on this list every year.  This guy does nothing but win.  He's an amazing leader and Sporting KC is a dominating franchise because of him.  Vermes doesn't get enough credit but you could make the case that he's the greatest coach KC has ever seen in any sport.

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5.  Dayton Moore- Moore's Royals weren't good last year.  However, Moore realized that early in the year and started the rebuild faster than many anticipated.  Moore didn't sit back and wait, he traded guys and brought a lot of prospects back to Kansas City.  He also hit a home run at the top of the draft with the group of college arms they picked.  The Royals won the Class A Championship at Lexington in 2018 so the successful future isn't far away.

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6.  610 Listeners- Thank you guys for being the best in Kansas City.  Without you guys, none of this would be possible so a big thank you to everyone who makes us part of their day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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