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Time to Step Up

These Players Must Get Better

Bob Fescoe
June 04, 2018 - 5:16 pm

As OTA's wind down and the summer is near, the Kansas City Chiefs will take a break for a few weeks before heading to St. Joe to start the 2018 Training Camp.  No one nationally is picking the Chiefs to do ANYTHING this season.  I've said numerous times on the air that we are about to embark on a 32 game season.  In January of 2020, we can begin to judge this group of Chiefs.  However, we still need to see improvement from a few guys.  Much like the Royals in 2018, record doesn't matter for the 2018 Chiefs.  We need to see if guys are going to be part of the team going forward.  Here are a few guys that have to raise their level of play if they expect to be here when the team starts to own the AFC.


1.  Justin Houston - I think he is the key to the entire defense having success.  If he can get to the quarterback, the new defensive backs will have a lot more success.  If he can't get to the QB, the new defensive backs will have terrible seasons.  Success on defense is all about stopping the run and also getting pressure on the quarterback.  Houston can have an impact in both those areas for the Chiefs in 2018.  If he doesn't have a good season, he will be an easy cap cut heading into 2019.

Denny Medley USA Today

2.  Eric Fisher - Fisher has quietly been a very good left tackle for the past few seasons.  Its easy to rip on him but more often than not he does his job.  He just needs to take it to the next level in 2018.  He is incharge of protecting the blind side for what is basically a rookie QB in Pat Mahomes.  The last thing we need is for the QB to be "shell shocked" and develop happy feet.  If Fisher can be a wall on the left side, Mahomes will have all day in the pocket to pick apart opposing defenses.  Success starts up front and Fisher is the big dog now on the offensive line.  Hopefully as he gets better the entire line improves as well.

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3.  Chris Jones We love Chris as a personality, now we need to love him as a player.  This guy has shown the ability to ruin plays and wreck offensive lines but we need to see it for 16 games.  He was awesome at the beginning of the season and great at the end but kind of disappeared during the middle part of the season when the Chiefs went on a skid.  Chris Jones is the key to the defensive line making plays this season.

Denny Medley USA Today

These are just three guys that need to improve in 2018 and it feels like we are nit picking things a bit, but if you want to win a title it takes everyone playing almost perfect football over the course of a season.  Let's hope these 3 guys are in the center of leading the Chiefs to a title in the near future!

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