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The Off Season Is Here

The Chiefs Have Some Tough Decisions To Make

Bob Fescoe
February 05, 2019 - 5:06 pm

It has been over two weeks since the Chiefs fell to the Old England Patriots in the AFC Title Game and while the Boston area is celebrating another championship they better enjoy it because it's going to be their last.  The time has come for the Chiefs to dethrone the cheaters from the Northeast and claim the AFC Championship going forward.  KC has the pieces in places to become the best team in the conference but there is still plenty of work to do this off season.  Andy Reid got a jump start on the off season check list when he fired Bob Sutton and hired Steve Spagnuolo as the new defensive coordinator.  Changing the coach is a step in the right direction but they still have major work to do.  Here is a look at the things I think the Chiefs need to focus on between now and the start of the season.


1.  Figure out how to get out of Eric Berry and Justin Houston's contracts- Both guys have been awesome in KC but as with anything time marches on.  Houston was solid for a lot of years but really hasn't been an every down star like he was early on in his career.  Berry has been amazing but hasn't been on the field for the last two seasons and is still dealing with a heel injury.  In a perfect world they will waive Houston and Berry will either retire or take an injury settlement.  Those two contracts are really hurting the Chiefs opportunity to move forward.

2.  Don't pay anyone- I keep hearing Chris Jones and Tyreek Hill are priorities this off season.  WHY?  There is no reason to pay either of those guys, that is the business of the NFL.  In fact, as I have said on numerous occassions on the air, I wouldn't pay Tyreek Hill at all!  If you feel Patrick Mahomes is the GOAT then you know he will make others better.  It's time to take a page from New England and pass on guys early instead of signing them to deals that backfire. (see Berry and Houston)

3.  Find a Middle Linebacker- The Chiefs are whetted to Anthony Hitchens for at least another season but that doesn't mean you can't draft a middle linebacker.  In Spags defense, the middle linebacker is the star.  He is the guy that has to make plays like Antonio Pierece did in New York and like Jeremiah Trotter did in Philadelphia.  If you have a star at MLB in this defense you will be very good on that side of the ball.  Hitchens either needs to put up or shut up in 2019.  I'm hoping he puts up because that means the Chiefs will realize success.

4.  Draft Defense- The offense is fine.  We don't need a running back, we don't need a wide receiver.  This team failed to make the Super Bowl because of defense.  As far as I am concerned, everyone on defense needs to be challenged.  I would go heavy on defense in the draft like they did last year.

5.  Franchise Dee Ford- Dee was great last season despite lining up off sides.  However, I am not ready to commit long term to him.  I would gladly give him a one year deal and make him prove it all over again.  With a new system in place there are no guarantees that Ford has the same year in 2019 than he did this past season.

Those are just 5 of the things the Chiefs need to address right away.  What is on your list?

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