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The Royals At 40

First Measuring Stick of the Season is Here

Bob Fescoe
May 13, 2018 - 7:11 pm

We are 40 games into the 2018 season for the Royals and that marks the first time we can really have a judgement about this team.  It's what all organizations use for evaluation purposes.  Essentially we are a quarter of the way thru the season.  So at that first quarter pole, its time to take a look back at how the season as gone so far.  The Royals are 13-27 so from a record stand point it hasn't been the best.

The Good

1.  Mike Moustakas.  He could go down as the steal of the free agent off season.  He's hitting .296 with 10 home runs and 29 RBI.  Plus he has 9 doubles.  No one was willing to pay Moose the big bucks this off season and the Royals have benefited.  

2.  Jorge Soler.  Soler came into the season with more question marks than anyone.  Fans wanted to know if he would ever live up to the excitement surrounding him when he was acquired for Wade Davis.  This guy has over delivered this season.  He's leading the team with a .323 average.  He has 5 home runs and 19 RBI and leads the team with 12 doubles.  He is showing what Dayton Moore saw in him when he made the trade 2 off seasons ago.

3.  Kelvin Herrera.  He has dominated in the closers roll this year.  He's saved 8 of 9 opportunities and has only given up 1 run in 14.1 innings of work, which equates to a 0.61 ERA.  If the Royals fall out of contention, he could be a nice trade piece for KC to help re-stock the farm system.

Needs Improvement

1.  Ian Kennedy.  Kennedy is frustrating because you see him dominate in one start and then struggle in the next.  You see so many signs of why teams love this guy I just wish he could be consistent.  That is the number 1 thing pro athletes look for as well:  consistency.  The Royals have invested a lot in Kennedy.  Lets hope we see more of the dominating pitcher as we move along in 2018.

2.  Danny Duffy.  The Duff Man is as big a fan favorite as we have EVER had in KC.  2018 hasn't been kind to him.  He gave up 9 runs on Sunday in Cleveland and his ERA is well over 6.00.  He's tried to tinker with his mechanics and has even discussed the possibility that he is tipping pitches.  I think he just needs to clear his head and stop thinking!  He has way too much talent to be saddled with an ERA in the 6's.  I think he will eventually figure it out.  We need him to dominate.

3.  Cheslor Cuthbert.  The Royals were hoping to get him 600 at bats this year and he would have been the every day third baseman had Moose not come back.  He's only hitting .200 and isn't playing regularly.  He needs to have a fast turn around if he wants to still be part of the long term future.


The Royals aren't playing the best right now, but they are getting production from guys who will be part of the future.  Soler, for 1, is key to the current re-load.  He should be a guy that by the time 2020-2021 rolls around, we can count on him to have success day in and day out.  Jake Junis is another guy that is young and shows a ton of promise.  He just needs to find that consistency and when he does, he could be a guy the Royals are relying on in a few years to potentially lead the staff.  Ned Yost is also the perfect manager for this team.  He raised one generation of Royals players and led them to a title.  He has the ability to do that again.  He's patient, he's a good teacher and he's had success.

Let's see if the Royals can't right the ship over the next 40 games!

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