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KC Invades Oakland

Raiders Limping Towards Finish Line

Bob Fescoe
November 29, 2018 - 3:47 pm

Years ago this game mattered.  Today, its just another 1 of 16 on the schedule.  Yeah, it's a division game and we hate the Raiders but not like we used to hate the Raiders.  You see, the Raiders are now that friend that you grew apart from over the years.  They used to be someone that mattered but you have matured and your friend didn't.  The Chiefs are you.  The Chiefs went and grew up and the Raiders stayed in that small town and never matured.  You will always see the Raiders at family gatherings and homecomings but in reality there are bigger fish in the sea.  In fact, New England, Pittsburgh and Houston are all more important games than the ones with Oakland.  Nonetheless you still want to win.  I just wish it was the days of Marty and Carl and crew getting the whole city fired up for Raider week.  Everything is cyclical.  Maybe the Raiders will get their act together sometime and this could be a fun game and week again.  Until they grow up and mature, the Chiefs and the fans need to care more about the Patriots, Steelers and Texans than the Raiders.  It's sad, but true.  So here is how KC will win this weekend.


1.  Arrive on time- The Chiefs are 15 point favorites this weekend.  They need to get to the ballpark in time for kickoff.  If they can be inside the stadium and dressed by 1PM local California time, they will win the game.

2.  Listen to Andy Reid-  He's one of the best in the NFL after a bye week.  In fact he's 16-3 after a week off.  Andy Reid is nothing but money after taking a break.  If he tells his team to jump this week, they better say "How high?"  Lots of times coaches lose a team after a bye week and have to reel them back in.  Reid's teams don't check out and I expect that to continue this weekend in the Bay Area.

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3.  Get over 6 yards per play- The Raiders are an NFL worst at giving up OVER 6.5 yards per play.  That is INSANE!  The Chiefs average over 7 yards per play on offense so they should be able to get yards en masse on Sunday.  If they can get over 6.5 yards a clip they will win this game going away!

4.  Kareem Hunt Scores- Kareem Hunt leads the AFC and is 3rd in the NFL in points scored.  He's got 84 of them this year.  No sophomore slump for the Chiefs most versitile weapon.  If he gets in the end zone the Chiefs will crush the Raiders.

5.  Mahomes over 100- Patrick Mahomes leads the AFC and is 2nd in the NFL in QB ranking.  His 117 rating is amazing.  If he has a rating above 115 on Sunday the Chiefs will win.

I have KC dominating from start to finish and winning 45-17.

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