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Chiefs Take On Colts

Here is How They Can End The Curse

Bob Fescoe
January 10, 2019 - 3:22 pm

Each week during the season, I've laid out my game plan for the Chiefs.  If they follow these easy steps victory should be theirs on Saturday against the Colts.  KC has the opportunity end two big curses:  playoff failure at Arrowhead and playoff failure vs the Colts.  Both will end on Saturday.  Here's how the Chiefs will win.


1.  Keep the Crowd High- The fans rolling into Arrowhead on Saturday afternoon will be excited.  You want to keep that level of excitement going all game long.  The minute the crowd gets out of the game, you know things aren't going well.  Dante Hall told us weeks ago that coaches coach based on the crowd.  If the crowd stays excited the coaches will coach better and the players will play better.  They truly feed off the crowd emotion.

2.  Stop the Run- It sounds so simple but it's the biggest key to getting a win against Indy.  The Chiefs HAVE to shut down the running game.  Marlon Mack had almost 150 yards against Houston and they are one of the best defenses in the NFL.  If he goes for 150 or more by himself, the Colts will win the game.

3.  Make 2 Plays on Defense-  Be it a strip sack or a turnover or a sack, if the Chiefs defense comes up with just TWO plays they will win the game.  I can't look at the overall stats but if I see them make 2 key plays that flip the script at some point during the game, that is all we need to see from the defense.

4.  Don't Turn it Over- I think one turnover by either team will kill their chances of winning the game.  If the Chiefs turn it over, the crowd will feel it and the "here we go again" attitude will sink in.  We don't want that.  Extra possessions are great for the Chiefs but deadly for the Colts.  Protect the football and don't give it away.  A turnover free game will give the Chiefs the win.

5.  Get a lead at halftime- We've talked about how Andy Reid is like 100 games over .500 when he has a halftime lead.  He's almost automatic at closing out games.  Grab an early lead and never let go and that means winning the coin toss and receiving.  I think the team that receives to start the game will have a big time advantage.


Prediction:  Chiefs 44 Colts 34.  I think we are all scared now but the Chiefs will run away with the game.  The biggest concern for me is how many layers to wear to the game! Go Chiefs!

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