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These Stats are Eye Opening

A Blueprint to the Week 1 Win

Bob Fescoe
September 10, 2018 - 7:04 pm

After taking a day to digest the win over the Chargers there are a few numbers that really stand out from Week 1 for the Chiefs

47.5  That is what Tyreek Hill averaged on his two punt returns.  If teams continue to punt to him and he can put up an average like this every single week, the Chiefs may never lose a game.  That is a dynamic number.  Also, why do teams continue to punt to him?  Arrogance is a great coach killer in any sport.

1  The amount of interceptions the Chiefs had on Sunday.  It was after that Ron Parker interception where I declared the game over, and it was over.  Parker was signed less than two weeks ago and his play killed a Chargers drive and gave the momentum right back to Kansas City.  The Chargers were closing in on scoring and cutting into the 24-12 KC lead.  Not sure anyone thought Parker would be a play maker on Sunday but he was and it was significant.

0  The number of interceptions Patrick Mahomes had in his season debut.  Many fans, experts and former players expect Mahomes to throw interceptions this year but he started off with a goose egg.  If you bet on that in Las Vegas, or anywhere else gambling is legal, you would have made a killing.  It would ba amazing if this kind of trend could continue for Mahomes for the next 15 games.

9  That is the amount of games Andy Reid and the Chiefs have won in a row against the Chargers.  KC owns the west and Reid is now 17-2 in his last 19 games against division opponents.  The road to the west title still runs thru KC.

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15  Anthony Hitchens essentially replaced Derrick Johnson this offseason.  DJ was good for 10 tackles a game.  Hitchens had 15 combined tackles in his KC debut.  He was a high priced free agent this off season and really didn't play in the preseason so to see him step up and lead the team in tackles was a huge bonus.

Week 2 is almost here.  Pittsburgh will be waiting and the Chiefs have a great opportunity to end that Pittsburgh curse!

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