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Moore vs Hunt

One Sticks to their plan, another caves into pressure

Bob Fescoe
February 28, 2018 - 1:10 pm

Fans are the driving force for any professional or college team.  That is a fact.  Without the fans, the teams won't survive.  Without the fans, teams won't thrive and without the fans, teams will go broke.  However there has to be a balancing act between the fans and the team.  On one hand you want the fans to feel ownership in your team.  You want them to feel part of the organization.  On the other hand you can't let too much noise from the fans influence your decision when it comes to making moves from a coach or player standpoint.  Clark Hunt allowed fan influence to get in the way when it comes to Marcus Peters.  I am glad Dayton Moore didn't do that when all of Kansas City was calling for him to fire Ned Yost, cut Alex Gordon and Mike Moustakas and to demote Wade Davis.  We discussed that this morning on Fescoe in the Morning.

Fescoe in the Morning

Could you imagine the Royals winning without the likes of those guys and others?  I can't.  I don't believe we would have gone to back to back World Series and one a title without those men.  It shows you that sticking with your plan is imporant and having the belief and self confidence in what you do is vital as well.  Its the prior success that we can look at as Royals fans and know that Moore will do the same thing during this second rebuild here in Kansas City.

And that brings us to the Chiefs.  After speaking with someone close to Marcus Peters this afternoon, there is no doubt Peters was traded because of his actions and not his ability to play football.  The source I spoke with today reiterated that Peters has nothing but love for KC, his teammates and his coaches.  However he did say the kneeling that he did during the anthem probably didn't help his image in KC.  He also told me it probably played a part in getting traded but so did the flag throwing against the Jets.  Everyone has a certain level of tolerance for people in their lives.  It appears that Clark Hunt reached his level with Marcus Peters and the only way to fix it was to trade him.  That is unfortunate.  Peters is a passionate player and one of the best at his position.  Its really a shame that some fans played a small part in expediting his departure from our city.  I wish Clark could have looked past some of the complaints and kept Peters.  He's an all world player and we will now have to watch him become a star in Los Angeles.


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