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KU Under Attack

Bob Fescoe
October 18, 2018 - 6:44 pm

I can already hear it now.  "Shut up you KU homer!"  "If this was KSU or MU you would be crushing them!"  Actually that is not the case and this is more about our legal system in the United States than it is about Bill Self's innocence or guilt.  What this is about is irresponsible lawyers, irresponisble headline writers and a society that isn't willing to do the homework to get to the truth on any topic today.

In America, we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  This was something our founding fathers decided was important when establishing the legal system in the United States centuries ago.  As we have evolved as a nation and media became bigger and bigger we have morphed into a society of guilty in the public form makes you have to defend yourself in a court of law.  That should not be the case for anyone.  Too often today, folks are tried in the public and by the time they reach the court room people have their minds made up and its tough to sway the opinion of folks once its already been formed.  I feel like that is the case with Bill Self and KU.  You see, Self isn't on trial.  Adidas and the shoe companies have been investigated by the FBI to see if they have been paying players to steer them to certain schools.  Of course with Kansas being the big adidas school they are at the forefront of the investigation.  As the closing arguments have come and gone in this case, everything that I see has been speculation, maybes and limited smoking guns on everything.  Did Bill Self and KU assistant Kurtis Townsend authorize adidas to pay the guardian of Silvio De Sousa?  As far as I can tell, no.  There are text messages between the coaches and their adidas rep T.J. Gassnola but not ONE that has been shown in court says "Pay De Sousa".  There are many texts that leave this story wide open.  There are many texts that force the jury and the public to have to connect dots.  There are ZERO texts that say ANYTHING about paying a player or a guardian of that player to come to KU.  From

"During Monday's testimony, text messages between Gassnola, Self and Townsend presented by defense attorneys indicated the coaches were at least aware of Gassnola's involvement in the Jayhawks' recruitment of De Sousa, a native of Angola. On Aug. 9, 2017, Townsend texted Gassnola and wrote, "Coach Self just talked to Fenny let me know how it goes." A few hours later, Gassnola texted Self: "Hall of Fame. When you have 5 minutes and your [sic> alone call me." Later that night, after Self hadn't responded, Gassnola texted him again: "I talked with Fenny." "We good?" Self asked. "Always," Gassnola replied. "That's [sic> was light work. Ball is in his court now.""

While all of that looks juicy, where are the texts that say "Pay him, pay the man his money?"  As far as I can tell, they don't exist.

In fact, Gassnola testified under oath that KU coaches never knew about the payments.

When closing arguments took place on Thursday, an adidas attorney made a statement to the jury that is a fabrication but on the surface looks to be very damaging.  You have to remember, closing arguments are not under oath.  What an attorney says during these arguments, quite frankly, can be made up nonsense as they are trying to WIN a case.  Per ESPN:

Michael Schachter, an attorney for Adidas executive James Gatto, told the jury that Gatto approved a $20,000 payment to Fenny Falmagne, the guardian of current Kansas player Silvio De Sousa, only after Self and Kansas assistant Kurtis Townsend requested the payment through former Adidas consultant T.J. Gassnola."The evidence, I submit, shows that Kansas' head coach knew of and asked for a payment to be made to Silvio De Sousa's handler," Schachter told the jury. "More than that, Coach Self requested just the kind of help that Mr. Gassnola arranged as a condition for Coach Self to permit Adidas to continue their sponsorship agreement with the University of Kansas."

What evidence shows that?  The text messages don't show that and when the feds had the opportunity to bug the phones and record a conversation they pulled a Keyston Cops and had equipment failure so there is no evidence or record of a phone conversation either.  Its becoming clear to me that this case really has no solid evidence.  Does it have juicy quotes?  Sure.  Does it have factual evidence that Self, KU or anyone in Lawrence knew what adidas was doing behind the scenes?  No.  Until someone can show me a text or play me a tape of a call with Bill Self or anyone from KU saying "Go ahead and pay the kid the money" this case is a waste of everyone's time...except lawyers who are trying to grandstand to make a name for themselves which I guess is now the American way.


We discussed this further on the show. LISTEN below: 

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