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KU Beats MU

Series Future Still In Doubt

Bob Fescoe
October 23, 2017 - 5:42 am

Sunday's Border Showdown for Hurricane Relief between Kansas and Missouri raised almost $2 million dollars for victims of 3 hurricanes.  The Sprint Center saw its biggest basketball crowd of all time and fans from both sides enjoyed the renewal of the rivalry, even if it was an exhibition for charity and not a game that counts in the standings.  However, once the ball was tipped, both sides wanted to win.  KU prevailed 93-87, led by 25 points from Devonte Graham.  Michael Porter Junior had 21 in a losing effort.  Despite all the fun that surrounded the game and the money raised, it doesn't look like the series will resume anytime soon...at least if Bill Self has his way.

As a KU fan I am torn.  While on one hand I want to play MU again, on the other hand I still feel betrayed by the Tigers.  What some fail to realize is that MU turned its back on the Big 12 after they said they were going to try to save the league.  They stabbed the rest of the league in the back.  It has been 5 years since that happened and sometimes you have to forgive and forget.  It would be a lot easier for KU to forgive and forget if MU became a worthy opponent.  Self always says he is going to do what's best for KU, not MU.  Well it would be in the best interest of MU to become good again at college basketball.  Not just a one year flash in the pan, but an established program.  They need to become a program that is good so KU gets something in return.  KU doesn't need MU to sell out a game.  What they do need is a schedule loaded with good opponents so they can increase their RPI and Strength of Schedule for tournament seeding.  Once MU establishes itself as a program that has success regularly, I think KU will put them back on the schedule.  As they say Missouri is the Show Me State..it's time for MU to show KU they are a legit program again.  When that happens, KU will be happy to schedule them...but not before.

The Border War Rises Above Expectations

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