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Superman Gets Replaced

These 5 Guys Are The True Supermen of KC Sports

Bob Fescoe
September 12, 2018 - 4:17 pm

It looks like Hollywood is looking for a new Superman.  Henry Cavill is stepping away from his role as the Man of Steel.  While I am not a huge Superman fan, I understand the importance he plays in the DC world.  So it got me to thinking...Who are the true SUPER men in KC Sports History?  The list was not easy to compile but I think I did a pretty good job of narrowing it down.  What do you think of the list?

5. Carl Peterson, Former President, CEO and GM of the Chiefs- Peterson comes in at 5 on the list partially because he ran the entire organization.  He was in charge of both the football and business side of the Chiefs for 2 decades and boy did he have success.  Peterson brought football back to life in KC just as America was falling hard for the sport.  He brought in Marty and DT and Joe and Marcus and really established a great team for the fans to rally behind from the start.  Every year Peterson was in charge there was always the hope of going to the Super Bowl.  Peterson took a dormant franchise and turned it into one of the most popular teams in the sport.  He created Arrowhead's homefield advantage by encouraging tailgating and made it a place to be every single Sunday.  Without Peterson, who knows where the Chiefs would be right now as a franchise.

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4.  Dayton Moore, Royals GM- When Moore took over the Royals he said the team would be a contender in 8-10 years.  The media laughed, the fans got angry but he was telling the truth.  8 years later the Royals were back in the World Series and in 2015 they were Champions.  Moore delivered on his promise in a BIG way.  Moore didn't only bring baseball back in Kansas City, he brought civic pride back to KC.  Kansas Citians used the Royals to fall in love with their hometown all over again.  We were proud to say "I'm from KC" we were excited to wear Royals gear on vacation and to talk about our ball club and it was cool to get high fives from random people in airports all over the country and hear them say "We are rooting for you guys!"  Dayton Moore did so much more than win at baseball.  He helped KC re-establish itself as a great city that believed in itself again.

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3.  Peter Vermes, Sporting KC- Vermes was basically handed the keys to the organization and told to win.  He has done that and more.  Vermes is the coach, the general manager, the scout and the water boy all rolled into one.  He does everything for our soccer team.  Vermes finger prints are all over the club and in my opinion he should be the new US National Coach but the selfish side of me doesn't want him leaving Kansas City.  At the end of the day, Vermes could go down as the most successful coach in Kansas City sports history.

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2.  Ewing Kauffman, Royals Founder- When the A's left for the West Coast, Kansas City was again left without a Major League Baseball Team.  Ewing Kauffman stepped up and purchased a franchise for KC.  Almost immediately they started winning.  From 1976-1985 the Royals were one of the best organizations in the game.  They went to 2 World Series and won a title.  Kauffman was never afraid to spend money on players and made sure that George Brett played his entire career in our town.  We also still see the legacy of Kauffman on display today, from the Kauffman Scholars to the Performing Arts Center and the ballpark that bears his name.  Mr K was truly a SUPER man.

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1.  Lamar Hunt, AFL Founder- No one knew it at the time, but the AFL would be the best thing to happen to sports.  The new football league, or the Foolish Club as they were called, put pressure on the NFL to expand and grow.  After a few years of operating as the Dallas Texans, Hunt decided to move his franchise to a new market.  KC was chosen as the home and the rest is history.  Without Hunt's vision and willingness to take chances and relocate we may not have professional football in Kansas City.  That would have been a shame as the Chiefs have become one of the premiere franchises in America's most popular sports league.  I am not sure Hunt realized the success he would have in KC when he chose to move the team here in the 1960's but many franchises look envious at KC and wish they could have fan support like we have in our town.  Hunt was a game changer an innovator and a guy who took a big gamble on a town in the middle of America.

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