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Cano Suspended 80 Games

Bob Fescoe
May 15, 2018 - 3:39 pm

Back in 2012, Robinson Cano did the unthinkable.  He didn't pick Royals slugger Billy Butler for the All Star Game Home Run Derby that took place in Kansas City.  Since then, he has been hated here in our town.  The #boocano movement has been strong and its one folks won't give up.

So with all of this hate again for Robinson Cano, it got me to thinking...who are the top sports villains for KC Fans.  Here are my Top 5 in no particular order.

1.  Robinson Cano - We can never have back that moment where Billy Butler didn't get a chance to hit in the Home Run Derby in 2012.  He really rained on our parade.  The good news is, 2 years later the Royals were in the World Series and 3 years later they were champs.  Cano hasn't won anything since disappearing to Seattle.

2.  Al Davis - Even though he has passed on, Davis made the Chiefs- Raiders rivalry awesome.  He and Hunt/Carl Peterson would jab back and fourth and both sides really disliked each other.  Sports needs more of these rivalries.

Bob Fescoe

3.  John Elway -  No player broke the hearts of Chiefs fans more than Elway.  He's done it both as a player and an executive.  We are jealous and that makes him a villain.

4.  Madison Bumgarner - He took away our shot to win back to back to back AAU titles...I mean back to back World Championships.  He was unreal in the 2014 World Series and without him the Giants aren't champs!

5.  Scott Pioli - Not only did he give us the Matt Cassel era, he ran the franchise into the ground.  He forced fans to burn tickets, fly banners and really sour on the organization.  He even forced me to do this:


Who is on your list?  Let me know:  www.twitter.com/bobfescoe

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