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January Stinks...

But we have a TON to look forward to in KC Sports

Bob Fescoe
January 16, 2018 - 4:45 pm

January can be a long cold month.  I was talking with someone at The J today after my workout and we both were remarking on how we can't wait for January to come to an end.  This year, the Chiefs loss to the Titans is really sticking in our craws, but I have never been a fan of the first month of the year.  Heck I don't like February. I wish there was a way we could just start the year in March.  We obviously can't.  While half of the first month of 2018 is already in the books, it got me to thinking about the future and what we have to get excited about in KC.  Quite frankly, there is A LOT. 

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First of all, college basketball is in full swing.  We are right in the middle of conference play and while I think the season is WAY TOO LONG, conference play is great.  The win on Monday night by KU was as thrilling a regular season game as you will get.  Plus with MU being back on the scene and being good again, Missouri fans can enjoy this time of year as well.  Before you know it, the Big 12 Tournament will be back downtown again and KC will be caught up in all the hoopla and fun that March provides...and for MU fans, the SEC tournament is only a short drive away to St. Louis this year which means that two of the biggest post season conference tournaments are in Missouri.  Pretty cool and great for the economy as well and some of our local teams have a shot to get GREAT bids in the NCAA Tournament as well.

Even before post season basketball arrives where it should be, in the heartland of America, Royals fans could be getting some news regarding our town's baseball team.  Jeff Passan had some interesting comments on the future of Danny Duffy in KC, but everyone seems to be focused on Eric Hosmer and how his signing or lack of will impact the Royals going forward.  It's very late in the winter now and Spring Training is less than a month away so time is of the essence.  Regardless of what happens with Hosmer, the Royals will be making a lot of news before Opening Day at the end of March!

The Chiefs have a ton of reasons why we should be excited.  The first one of course is Pat Mahomes.  Mahomes looks like he will take over under center and give fans what they have always wanted:  a home grown QB...and for some fans it can't happen soon enough!

The Chiefs will also be getting Eric Berry back into the mix a guy they missed a ton during the 2017 season.  They also will have to get a bit younger on defense so they can be players again in the AFC.  As long as Andy Reid is running the show, the Chiefs SHOULD be in playoff contention every single year.  And who could forget about the encore performance of Rookie of the Year Kareem Hunt!  How exciting will he be next year with Mahomes??!!!??

So we can all agree that January bites...its cold, too cold for kids to go to school and its depressing.  But we have so much to look forward to over the next few weeks that tuning away from 610 Sports Radio will be a huge mistake.  There will be all kinds of news happening and we will have it all FIRST and we will be ready to interact with the KC fans to see how the changes are being accepted.  Strap in KC...the next few months are going to be a wild ride!

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