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These Are The Numbers You Need To Know About The Chiefs

Bob Fescoe
November 26, 2018 - 5:48 pm

Well, when the Chiefs kickoff on Sunday it will officially be December, the most important month of the football season.  Everything the Chiefs have accomplished so far means NOTHING if they don't finish strong.  They have the ability to run the table and to roll into the post season white hot.  A lot of why they have been so good is attributed to the offense.  They have been nothing short of spectacular this season.  After taking last week off and filling up on turkey and pie, the Chiefs were back to work on Monday.  Here are 5 numbers to keep in mind this week when you are dreaming about Chiefs football.

15- The Chiefs are favored by 15 points over the Raiders.  This may seem like a high number but KC has dominated the AFC West.  In their last 20 divisional games the Chiefs are 19-1.  The Raiders are an awful football team and based on our next number, the Chiefs could be favored by 20!

-140 - The Raiders have given up 140 MORE points than they scored so far this year.  Oakland is getting out scored by an average of almost 13 points a game...and that includes the 2 games they have won this season.  In losses the Raiders lose by more than 16 points per game.  In fact 7 of their 9 losses have come by 2 touchdowns or more.  Pathetic.

18- The Chiefs have an 18% chance to win the Super Bowl according to 538.com. That is 2nd best in the NFL behind New Orleans who sits at 27%.  The next closest AFC team is New England.  They have a 12% chance to win the big game.  Keep your fingers crossed KC, this could be our year!

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6.7- That is the number of yards the Chiefs defense gives up on 1st down which is 2nd worst in the NFL.  So many folks look at 3rd downs to mark the success or failure of an NFL team.  To me, first down is so important because it puts you in 2nd and managable and 3rd and managable situations.  Failure on 1st down leads to quick punts.

476- Kareem Hunt gets 476 yards after contact, the best in the NFL.  Saquon Barkley is 2nd best at 421 yards after contact.  Hunt is so spectacular.  He is relentless.  He never goes down on the first hit.

Its Raider Week.  Get fired up KC..time to put the Raiders in their place!

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