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Happy Groundhog Day!

KC Moments We Want to Re-live Over and Over

Bob Fescoe
February 01, 2018 - 4:10 pm

Today is Groundhog Day!  If you are familiar with the movie that shares the name starring Bill Murray then you know its about a dude who experiences the same life event over and over again.  Its an all time classic.  So in that vein, I have come up with the 5 KC area sporting events that we would love to live over and over again and I present them to you in no particular order.

1.  Mario's Miracle

Many think this shot won the 2008 title for KU but it just sent the game to overtime.  Nonetheless its the play we will all remember from that title game a decade ago.

2.  1985 World Series Game 7

It would have been easy to say Game 6, but I wanted to remind St. Louis fans that there was actually a GAME 7 the next night.  Their squad just failed to show up and would instead rather blame an umpire for 1 call in a seven game series...but whatever!  Here's that reminder.

3.  65 Toss Power Trap

This is probably the most famous play in Chiefs history!

This game was the first game where a coach was mic'd up.  Hank took advantage of his time in the spotlight and NFL Flims never looked back!

4.  Salvy's Hit

5.  Strike 3 Called...on a cold November New York Night

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