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The Enigma that is Andy Reid

Reid Ranks High on List of Leagues Best Coaches

Bob Fescoe
March 05, 2018 - 2:01 pm

Andy Reid is an enigma.  There really is no other way for me to describe the head football coach here in Kansas City.  On one hand there aren't many other coaches I want running our organization.  On the other hand, I am really tired of seeing the same type of ending every single January.  Reid is an amazing creator of programs.  However, he is not the best of seeing them thru and getting us the results we want as fans and that is why this ranking of Reid kind of caught me off guard.

3rd you say?  Wow.  Andy Reid is not a top 3 coach in the NFL. That is high praise of a coach that has never won a Super Bowl and has only coached his team in the big game 1 time and that was well over a decade ago.  If you are judging this list off of regular season success then Reid should be at the top of the list.  The goal is to win titles and in my opinion if you have Lombardi you rank higher than Reid.  Belichick, Tomlin, Carroll, Payton, McCarthy, Pederson and Harbaugh all deserve to be higher on the list than Big Red.

Now, this doesn't mean I am not a fan of Reid.  I've gone on record as saying that if I was starting up a football team from scratch or needed a coach to reboot my team my first call would be to Andy Reid.  I think he's a great builder of programs but I don't know if he is the right guy to see it thru to the end.  I envision Reid in a role like Tom Coughlin has in Jacksonville.  He is basically the czar of football operations and has Doug Marrone as his coach.  I can see a future situation like that here in KC.  I can see Reid stepping upstairs and in a perfect world Matt Nagy, the Bears coach, taking over in KC.  A guy can dream right???

Here is the complete list of coaches.  Where do you think Reid should be ranked?

Stay tuned to 610 Sports Radio.  The new NFL league year begins on March 14th and should be eventful!

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