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Do the Chiefs REALLY Want To Win A Super Bowl?

The Fans Weigh In

Bob Fescoe
February 25, 2018 - 6:01 pm

There is a big assumption from Chiefs fans near AND far that the Hunt's really don't want to win a Super Bowl.  It has been some 5 decades since their team was last in the big game, but does that mean they don't WANT to win?  I have to think the answer to that question is a 100% no. 

Say what you will about the Hunts, but they seemingly do EVERYTHING in their power to win.  They spend the money on the best coaches and GM's and they pay off a lot of folks to just flat out go away (Haley, Pioli, Crennel).  They always spend to the cap and take care of their players. Once ownership puts these folks in place, it then becomes the job of the players and coaches to win.

For years I have disagreed with the notion that the Hunts don't want to win and only care about putting butts in the seats.  This Marcus Peters trade makes it harder to defend.  From a football standpoint its a horrible move.  From an image standpoint it may be a good move in their mind to trade a guy who really has had a lot of blowups that haven't been that pleasing to the eye of the owner.  Is that a reason to trade one of the best players in the league that is on a rookie contract?  Apparently so.  Apparently so.  Maybe the Chiefs did make the right move.  As we have seen from various reports only 2 of the 31 other teams were interested in trading for Peters so clearly the word is out about his reputation.  Only time will tell if this was the right move for the overall benefit of the franchise.  In the moment it looks bad.

I asked on twitter on Friday "Do you believe the Chiefs really want to win a Super Bowl"?  Almost THREE Thousand folks cast a vote and here are the results.

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Do you agree with the majority?  I would love to know your thoughts.  Send feedback to @bobfescoe on twitter.  Here's to a great week ahead and make sure you are tuned in all morning long this week for your shot to win $1000 EVERY HOUR!



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