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Showdown in Seattle

Chiefs In a Must Win Game

Bob Fescoe
December 20, 2018 - 3:24 pm

Well guys...it all comes down to this.  Sunday is a must win game for the Chiefs.  It's also a must win game for Seattle.  Sunday night could not get any better!  Everything the Chiefs have accomplished so far will go out the window if they lose to the Seahawks and fall to the 5th seed in the AFC.  They must take care of business in the Emerald City two days before Christmas.  So, here is what the Chiefs have to do to get a win on Sunday.

1.  Score Early- Part of the Seattle dominance has been their home crowd.  I think its imperative for the Chiefs to score early and often and take the crowd out of the game right from the start.  If KC can get 2 scores in the first quarter on Sunday they will win the game.

2.  Stop the Run- The Chiefs are 26th in the NFL against the run.  The Seahawks are the best rushing team in the NFL.  If the Chiefs really want to silence the doubters they will man up and stop the Seahawks rushing attack.  I think a full game from Eric Berry will be a HUGE help with the run defense.  If the Chiefs hold the Seahags under 125 yards rushing they will win.

3.  Force Russell Wilson to beat You- This goes back to stopping the run.  The Seahawks are 26th in the NFL in passing yards this season.  They have not had to throw much in games.  If the Chiefs can force Wilson to throw the ball 35 or more times they will win the game.  Running is their strength, passing to win is a weakness.  Make your opponent beat you with their weakness not their strength.

4.  Have a balanced Offensive attack- This is something I have been talking about all week.  The Chiefs have not been balanced in the last few weeks.  They have to find a way to run just as much as they pass.  If the Chiefs can be balanced on offense on Sunday they will have a great shot to win.  27 or more rushes equal a win for Kansas City in Seattle.

5.  No turnovers-  The Seahawks don't give the ball away at all.  They are plus-12 on the season, 2nd best in the NFL.  If the Chiefs turn it over just 1 time that gives Seattle such a huge advantage at home.  This team can't afford to turn it over on Sunday.  If KC has ZERO turnovers they will win.

Prediction:  Chiefs win 28-27

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