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KC Now 5-0

New England Awaits Next Sunday Night

Bob Fescoe
October 07, 2018 - 4:42 pm

Sunday was a pretty good afternoon for the Kansas City Chiefs.  They beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 30-14 at Arrowhead Stadium and moved to 5-0 on the season.  Without a doubt the Chiefs are the best team in the AFC and only the Rams can make a case for being a better team than KC in all of the NFL.  Sunday was another one of those lines of demarcation as KC beat and put up 27 offensive points against the best defense in the NFL.  It was another Sunday of proving all the citics wrong.  It was another Sunday of watching someone step up and make big plays.  It was another Sunday with yet another win and now the football world waits for the showdown on Sunday night in New England when the Chiefs take on the Patriots in what many will look at as ANOTHER demarcation type of game.  Sunday wasn't your typical Chiefs win, but it was a win nonetheless and showed that even with a off day for Patrick Mahomes, the team can still win.  Let's take a look on hwo it happened...


1.  The Defense- As I've been saying for the last week or so, the narrative that the defense is bad is just lazy.  They do give up a lot of yards, but when they need to make a play, they make a play.  It started in the first half.  Jacksonville was faced with a 4th and 1 from the 3.  They went for it.  The defense held and swung the momentum right to KC and they never let it go.  They also came up with FOUR interceptions and a touchdown.  It's time to start loving up this defense and giving them the credit they deserve.  The Jags were just 1-5 in the Red Zone.  You won't beat the Chiefs if you can't score touchdowns.  KC gave up 2 on Sunday but they all basically came in garbage time as they pitched a first half shutout.

2.  Travis Kelce had a day- Mahomes was off on Sunday but Travis Kelce had a nice afternoon.  He had 5 catches for 100 yards and did a good job of coming up with plays when the Chiefs needed to keep drives alive.  No one really dominated on offense on Sunday but everyone together made plays and propelled the Chiefs to their 5th win.

3.  Dee Ford- #55 wants to get paid this offseason and is having himself a great contract year.  Yes, he was ejected, but before he got tossed he was a beast.  He finished with 5 tackles, 1 sack, 3 QB hurries, 1 forced fumble and 1 pass defended.  If Ford could show this kind of consistency over the course of an entire game he could be deadly at that outside linebacker spot.

4.  Blake Bortles is awful- The Jags are wasting time by playing this guy at the QB spot but I won't complain about it at all!  They are one of the biggest foes for the Chiefs in the AFC but their QB has a tough time leading drives and making plays.  The Chiefs defense caused a ton of stress for Bortles on Sunday but some of the bad plays were self inflicted.  Imagine having Matt Cassel TODAY with this Chiefs team.  That is how bad it is for the Jags.

5.  Crowd- The fans were awesome with a capital A baby!  The rain was coming down hard but the stands were still packed.  The crowd was loud and made a huge difference on Sunday.  The weather we saw early in the day would have caused 31 other fan bases to stay home.  Not Kansas City.  Fans were out early and getting ready to bring the noise for a very important game.  The fans get a tip of the cap for Sunday as well.  At one point the entire offensive line was on the side lines jumping up and down as the crowd grew louder and louder.  It was awesome to experience first hand.

Another Sunday another fun one! #chiefskingdom #chiefs

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Well, now its on to New England.  There is never any time just to enjoy a big win is there......we are coming for you Brady and Bill!

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