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KC is 2-0

HUGE Road Win Has KC Atop the Class of the AFC

Bob Fescoe
September 16, 2018 - 5:33 pm

For the first time since 1986, the Chiefs grabbed a road win in Pittsburgh and with that win moved to 2-0 on the season.  It was a remarkable game in the Ketchup City and KC proved to any doubters out there that they are the new guard of the AFC and Pittsburgh is heading off to the old folks home.  Sunday's win was huge: a road AFC win and now they are 2-0 on the road and only have 6 more road games to play in 2018.  Plus, they beat 2 teams in back to back weeks that they should be contending with for a playoff spot in the AFC.  So, how did they win the game?  Well, I am glad you asked.  

1.  Patrick Mahomes was awesome- I think its safe to say this kid is the real deal.  He has 10, count em, TEN, touchdown passes in the first 2 games this season.  That has never ever ever ever been done before...in NFL history!  Mahomes is on fire.  In fact on Sunday he had more touchdown passes than incompletions.  Let that one sink in for a while.  MORE TD PASSES THAN INCOMPLETIONS!  Remarkable!  This cat is so much fun to watch!

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2. The offense involved #87- After remaining silent last week, Travis Kelce got involved Sunday in a BIG way! He had 7 receptions on 10 targets, 109 yards and 2 touchdowns.  It was a great coming out party for one of the best weapons in the NFL.  One thing we all need to realize is that each week, someone else is going to have an opportunity to step up, which brings us to my 3rd point.

3.  Balance- I guess that is the term you would use.  Mahomes hit 5 different receivers on his 6 touchdowns and 7 different players caught a pass.  Sammy Watkins and Kelce were both over 100 yards and Tyreek Hill finished the day with 90.  Talk about spreading around the wealth!  Many wondered what would happen and if everyone was going to get enough touches in the offense this year and so far it looks like there are enough balls to go around.

4.  Defense got a stop- Actually they got FIVE stops!  How about that!  With no pass rush, only one sack, and Ben Roethlisberger throwing for 452 yards and 3 touchdowns, five stops is big!  I am beginning to think the defense will just have to find a way to get one stop a game and the Chiefs offense will find a way to win!

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5.  Special teams set the tone- Dave Toub was brilliant today.  The first punt of the game, he put Hill and DeAnthony Thomas back deep.  Thomas was the up man and returned the first punt 53 yards and set set up the offense in a 1st and Goal situation on the first drive of the game.  Hill isn't the only person that will beat you on special teams, Dave Toub can do it too!

All in all, that was a GREAT win by the Chiefs!  Arrowhead should be rocking on Sunday when the team returns home for their first home game of the year!

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