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It's A Golden Opportunity for the Chiefs

A Win on Sunday Would be HUGE!

Bob Fescoe
September 13, 2018 - 7:26 pm

Sunday is another opportunity to get better.  It's also an opportunity to grab a win against a team that you really can't beat.  The Steelers are 22-10 against the Chiefs all time and while they have a win over the Steelers in 2015, Pittsburgh played that day without Big Ben.  They could play Sunday without their star quarterback and if that's the case, all of a sudden Sunday becomes a must win for the Chiefs.  The last thing you want to do is to lose a game to a back up and then miss the post season by 1 game.  If Ben doesn't play on Sunday the Chiefs have no choice but to win.  Here's how they can do it

1.  Establish the run- Kareem Hunt and Spencer Ware need to be huge in this game.  The Chiefs defense is very suspect and keeping Pittsburgh off the field may be the best way to contain their offense.  I want a heavy dose of Hunt and Ware and I want the Chiefs to own the line of scrimmage.  If they can get 150 yards rushing, the Chiefs will win the game.

2. Have a positive turnover ratio- It sounds so basic and elementary but that is part of the reason they beat the Chargers on Sunday.  Patrick Mahomes was flawless and they didn't fumble.  Ron Parker picked off Philip Rivers in a crucial situation and that turned the game for the Chiefs.  They need the same type of performance to win on Sunday.

3.  Shut down Antonio Brown- As a defense you have to take away at least one weapon of the 3 the Steelers possess.  I think Brown is the guy that can hurt the Chiefs the most so they need to concentrate on taking him out of the game.

4.  Win the special teams battle- I am not saying Tyreek Hill has to return a kick for a touchdown, but they can't let special teams cripple them on Sunday.  Cover punts, set up good returns and take advantage of the best punt returner in the NFL.

5.  Don't focus on the past- KC hasn't played well against the Steelers or in Pittsburgh but none of that matters on Sunday.  Pretend you are playing the Chargers again and believe you can win.  If you don't believe you can win, you won't.

Prediction:  I think its hard to go to Pittsburgh and win.  Steelers 31-27.

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