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KC Looks to Grab a Win in Old England

KC Takes Big Step to #1 Seed with Win

Bob Fescoe
October 11, 2018 - 6:06 pm

Sunday can't come soon enough!  Ever since the clock hit ZERO last week against Jacksonville, I have been looking forward to this showdown on Sunday night.  It features the 2 best overall teams in the AFC, the Chiefs and the Old England Patriots.  Yes, I said Old England because that is exactly what they are:  OLD.  The majority of America is ready for a changing of the guard in the AFC and a win by KC on Sunday will go a long way in asserting the Chiefs as the new power in the conference.  You see, Old England has been hanging around for almost 2 decades.  That is very impressive.  All good things must finally come to an end and Old England can pass the torch to the Chiefs on Sunday night.  The old guard QB handing off to the new kid would be just what the doctor ordered for everyone.  However it won't be an easy win.  As you know, strange things happen in Old England...headsets won't work, balls will be lighter, you get the drill.  Not only will the Chiefs have to over come their opponent they will also have to over come the "bugs" that may appear in the stadium..but I digress.  If the Chiefs want to be the true power in the AFC come Monday morning, here is what they have to do to get a win!


1.  Don't worry about the opponent- KC has dominated just about everyone they have faced so far this season.  Just because its the Patriots doesn't mean KC should be intimidated.  In fact just over a year ago, KC went in and won on opening night by a HUGE margin.  Instead of worrying about what Old England is going to do, KC just needs to play their game.  They have so many weapons that it will be tough for even the best defensive mind of all time to come up with a game plan of stopping the Chiefs.

2.  Mistake Free Football- The Chiefs can't afford to give Old England free opportunities.  Patrick Mahomes had 2 INT's in the game last week.  Good teams make you pay for those kind of turnovers.  Luckily they were playing Blake Bortles who is basically a glorified college QB.  If Mahomes tosses it to the Pats on Sunday, Tom Brady will make them pay.  Mistake free football is a MUST on Sunday Night.  This includes penalties.  KC has to limit them as well on Sunday.

3.  Be average- What I mean by that is do what you have been doing all year long on both sides of the ball.  KC is averaging 35 points a game which is 2nd best in the NFL.  Go out and score your average.  The KC defense is giving up 25 points per game.  Go out and give up your average.  If KC hits their average on both sides of the ball, the game will be over in the 4th quarter and you can get to bed earlier than expected.

4.  TD's not FG's- KC dominates this year in the red zone.  They have converted close to 80% of their chances inside the 20.  On the other hand Old England allows teams to score more than 50% of the time when they get down inside the 20 yard line.  As long as KC gets touchdowns and not field goals when it matters most, they will win the football game.

5.  Homecoming for Hunt- Last year in Old England, Kareem Hunt had a coming out party.  He literally arrived in Week 1 last year.  Right now he is 4th in the NFL in rushing yards.  Make him the focal point since he dominates in Gillette Stadium.  If Hunt rushes for over 125 yards, KC wins this thing easily.

Prediction:  KC 50 OE 27

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