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Its Game Time!!

Chiefs Look for 1st Home Postseason win in over 20 Years

Bob Fescoe
January 07, 2019 - 5:00 pm

The AFC Divisional Playoffs are finally here.  The Chiefs have the opportunity to take care of some much needed business on Saturday at Arrowhead Stadium.  It has been a while since KC last tasted playoff victory at home and they have a shot to beat the Colts, the team that has been the biggest thorn in their sides.  The Chiefs are the 1 seed and the Colts are the 6 seed but Indy is playing good football and they have only lost 1 time since October.  Needless to say, they are hot.  Here's a look at some of the numbers that could define this matchup.

1.  74, 56, 67, 64 and 72.  Those are the starting offensive lineman for the Colts.  They have been brilliant.  In the last 6 games they have played together,  the five some of Costanzo, Nelson, Boehm, Glowinski and Smith have allowed zero sacks.  These guys also led a rushing attack that went for 200 yards against the best defense in the NFL last Saturday.  They are tough, nasty and good.  If these guys take care of the front 7 for the Chiefs, it's going to be a long day for KC.

2.  2.  The Colts and the Chiefs both have 2 all time playoff wins at Arrowhead.  That changes on Saturday.

3.  38.  Joe Montana was 38 years old when the Chiefs last won a playoff game in Kansas City.  He's now 62 years old.  I don't know about you, but that hit me hard.  Joe Montana is 62!  And the Chiefs haven't won a playoff game since he was 38..and I am almost 42!  I thought Joe was old then!  Time to win!  Joe believes and so should you!

4.  21.5.  Indy has given up only 21.5 points per game this season.  That is 10th best in the NFL.  They are also a top 5 scoring offense.  Indy hasn't really played anyone beating Washington, Buffalo, Oakland, Tennessee, Miami and other bad teams along the way.  However confidence is a strange thing and the Colts are playing with a ton of it right now.  If they hold KC to 21 points on Saturday the Colts will win.

5.  52 and 18.  The Chiefs recorded 52 sacks this year.  The Colts allowed 18.  Both are tops in the NFL.  Whichever gives on Saturday will determine the winner of the game.

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