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KC Improves to 4-0 With Huge AFC West Win

Mahomes Mile High Magic

Bob Fescoe
October 02, 2018 - 6:14 am

What an amazing night.  Its the kind of story you tell your kids about years down the line.  I was there.  I saw it in person.  Patrick Mahomes became a national star on Monday night in Denver.  America had heard all about Patrick Mahomes but most of our fair land hadn't seen Mahomes play.  Kansas City was on national TV and our fellow citizens were treated to one of the best performances by a KC quarterback in recent vintage.  What Mahomes did on Monday night in Denver was nothing short of amazing.  When the Chiefs entered the 4th quarter on the first night of October it looked like they may suffer their first defeat of the season.  To that point, KC managed just 13 points against a very stingy and tough Denver defense.  But as we know in Kansas City, funny things can happen on Monday night's in the Mile High city, just ask Joe Montana and Willie Davis about that storyline.  Mahomes created his own magic on Monday and led his team on 2 scoring drives in the final frame to close out a 27-23 win over the arch rival Broncos.  It was a statement win for the Chiefs no doubt but it was also a statement win for Mahomes.  Now there is no doubting anymore, Mahomes is the MOST EXCITING player in the NFL and is the clear favorite to win the MVP.  The Chiefs are on track to do something special and it all comes back to #15.  Watching him play QB is just awesome.  Here are some thoughts after Monday's big win.


1.  Never count this team out- I have to keep telling my pessimistic friend Sammy that the game isn't over til it's over.  Yeah I am channeling my inner Yogi but its so true with this team and Monday night was proof.  After the game Mahomes told me that he never felt the game was in doubt.  He always thought they were going to win.  Even if you don't believe him, how can you doubt him?  This kid knows how to put his team in position to win.

2.  Defense made plays- For as much flack as they get, the defense again came up big when they had to have a stop.  Eric Murray came up with a big interception and the Chiefs found a way to get a stop on the final play of the game to seal the win.  It's never pretty with these guys but man when the chips are down, they find a way to make a play.  They also continued their NFL best 3rd down conversion against rate:  Denver was just 2-11 on 3rd downs.

3.  Kareem Hunt was great- Hunt was HUGE in this one for the Chiefs.  He averaged almost 6 and a half yards per carry on Monday.  The Chiefs got away from him in the 3rd quarter but when they needed to seal the game, guess who was plowing into the end zone:  It was Hunt.  All told he finished with over 120 yards rushing and a score.

4.  Mahomes can beat you with both hands- This video says it all...AMAZING

 Now its on to Jacksonville on a short week.  The Jags can play defense.  It will be a great test at Arrowhead on Sunday for the Chiefs.  In the meantime, enjoy that win from Monday night it was truly a Magical Monday Night win at Mile High!

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