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OTA's in the NFL Start This Week and We Answer Your Questions

Bob Fescoe
May 20, 2018 - 4:10 pm

Its time for Phase 3 of the Off Season Program, better known as OTA's, around the NFL.  These are where teams start to form their identity as they get ready for the upcoming season.  As you know they are "voluntary" which of course means the team wants you there but if you don't show up, no one gets too overly concerned.  Over the next few weeks, guys will start to emerge, there will be new names that we learn and some diamonds in the rough will start to be discovered.  Over the years we have seen Cairo Santos and Albert Wilson, just to name a few, emerge from OTA's and become important parts of the Chiefs.  Who will it be this year is anybody's guess.

Now lets head to the questions I received on Facebook!

Excellent question Jake!  Unfortunately the media is not fed at OTA's.  It's really quite disturbing as most are hungry at this time of day...who am I kidding, the media is hungry at all hours of the day.  I would kill for some burgers and dogs on the grill with Andy wearing an apron and a chef hat while cooking for everyone.  It would show him in a fun light.

Its a fair question, Shane.  I think what the Chiefs are telling us is they believe the talent wasn't good enough and got old.  They cut DJ, Tamba, traded Peters and got very young on the defensive side of the ball.  The whole organization is trending younger.  Its a sign the organization believes in Sutton and they expect him to get the defense turned around over the next 32 games.

I agree Brad!  It's time Justin Houston earns some of the money the Chiefs paid him after the 20+ sack season.  Since then, he's played average at best.  Yes he's been hurt but staying healthy is part of the deal in the NFL.  We also need Dee Ford to start making plays for a full season.  This will be a make it or break it year for the former #1 pick.  Plus I hope Chris Jones gets after the QB.  When he gets sacks, the team wins!

Good question Andrew.  The Chiefs will turn to Patrick Mahomes this year!

Justin, this is the biggest question I have for the Chiefs.  They clearly could not stop it in the Tennessee playoff game and quite honestly had a tough time for the majority of the season shutting down the running game.  It's so key in the NFL.  I know this is now a "passing league" but if you can't run or stop the run you can't win!

Randall, I think the league has showed us over the last decade you really need 3 running backs you can rely on!  Those guys take a beating game in and game out because they are so involved in every play.  They carry, they block, they catch passes, they are used as decoys...they really get worked!  I would rather have a few stashed away on the bench for a rainy day just in case something were to happen.  It's better to be safe than sorry!

Andreas, I think it will.  It's so hard to find good to great corners in the NFL and the Chiefs had one of the best.  I think this is the worst trade in KC Sports history and I don't think I will be proven wrong.  Hopefully Fuller or Amerson can play well enough to make us not think about Peters every Sunday!


Good mailbag session.  We will do more of these as we roll along.  Hope you enjoyed it!  Make sure you are staying with 610 Sports Radio for the best Chiefs coverage in KC on the Official Station for Chiefs Fans! 

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