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Chiefs Lose in Epic Fashion

A GIANT Upset In Jersey

Bob Fescoe
November 19, 2017 - 4:11 pm

Well, the Chiefs sure laid an egg on Sunday afternoon in New Jersey.  NO ONE saw a game like that happening.  Just a few days before Thanksgiving the Chiefs played like turkeys.  They were mashed by the Giants like potatoes and they looked like they forgot there was a game this weekend.  That goes down as one of the most unacceptable games we have seen under Andy Reid.  He was out coached, he didn't have his team ready and he was back on his heels all Alex Smith wasn't all that good either.  The Chiefs flat out stunk.  With that being said, here are my 5 Big Takeaways from the game.


1.  The Offensive Line is BAD- Clearly the coaching staff and play callers have no faith in the 5 guys up front.  They went away from the run early again against the Giants and most of the afternoon Alex Smith was back in that shot gun formation.  This line is not getting better.  Its getting worse and it can't be getting worse as we head towards the post season.  I just don't see the anger and bitterness I need to see out of this offensive line.  They are too nice and nice doesn't win in the trenches. The Chiefs even made a chance with Zack Fulton getting the nod at left guard over Brian Witzmann but that didn't help much.

2.  Dumb Penalties- The Chiefs love to commit awful penalties.  From holdings, to pass interferences to illegal men down field, the Chiefs had their share of penalties on Sunday that killed them.  In all they finished with 9 penalties on the afternoon.  Those are self inflicted mistakes that need to stop.

3.  Too Much Nonsense- The Chiefs had one of the best offensive units during the first few weeks of the season.  Now they appear heading the wrong direction.  Sunday had some of the most bizarre play calling we have seen this year.  Travis Kelce throwing a pass, 12 more pass plays than rushing attempts so it wasn't balanced, we saw 3 offensive linemen on the line of scrimmage on one play and an interception on a shovel pass.  This offensive staff is clearly trying to over compensate for this line.  It didn't work on Sunday.

4.  No Passion- This team played flat.  They played like dry turkey.  They looked like that side dish that you have NO IDEA what it is but you know there is cream of mushroom soup in it. That is how the Chiefs played today.  They really should be embarrassed with their effort.  It was awful.  I had more passion watching the game than they did playing the game.  That is sad on so many levels.  They let down their fans today with that performance.  Uninspiring to say the least...

5. What's Next- Well there are still 6 games to go and if the Chiefs win out, they still finish with 12 wins.  However, they are 1-4 in their last 5 games and the only win was over a bad Denver team.  KC needs to get back to what they were doing in September and October.  They have enough talent and good coaching to bounce back.  The way they played on Sunday in Jersey won't cut it in the postseason.  If they don't bounce back, we may not HAVE a post season.  I have faith in Andy and faith they will bounce back.

Let's hope the Chiefs are the 2015 Royals and find that passion again!

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