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A Perfect 10?

A Road Map to Another Win

Bob Fescoe
November 18, 2018 - 3:34 pm

The Chiefs go for their 10th win of the year on Monday Night in Los Angeles.  To call this the game of the year in the regular season would be an understatement.  The best part about this game for me is that no matter what happens, the Chiefs will still be in first place in the AFC West and in the AFC.  This game has the opportunity to be a show like we have never seen before in the NFL.  So how are the Chiefs going to get a win?  Well, I am glad you asked!


1.  Stop Todd Gurley- I know its easier said than done, but he is the key to the Rams offense.  In the Rams only loss of the year, the Saints limited Gurley to under 70 yards rushing and just 13 carries, his fewest total on the season.  The Chiefs need to establish their run defense early and force the Rams to be a one dimensional pass offense.  If they can hold Gurley to under 100 yards on the ground, KC will win the game.

2.  Keep Goff inaccurate- In 2 of the 3 games that Jared Goff passed for under 70% the Rams struggled.  They lost to the Saints and barely beat the Denver Broncos by 3 points.  Its going to be up to Dee Ford, Justin Houston and the rest of the defense to pressure Goff into throwing when he's not ready.  If the Chiefs can hold Goff under 70% complete they will win the game.

3.  No big plays- The Chiefs do a good job of bending but not breaking.  The Rams aren't very good when they get inside the 20 yard line.  They convert at just over 55% which is middle of the road in the NFL.  The Chiefs can't let the Rams get a quick strike.  Their offense stalls inside the 20 so prevent the big play and you will have the best opportunity to win the game.

4.  Get a Turnover- The Rams offense is the best in the NFL when it comes to turnovers.  They have only given it away 7 times this year.  The Chiefs defense is top 10 in forcing turnovers.  If the Chiefs can be plus 2 or better they will win.

5.  Score at least 35 points- I think 35 is the magic number on Monday night.  If the Chiefs can score 35 or more they will win as the defense has only give up over 35 points 2 times this season.  One was to the loss in New England and the other came in Pittsburgh in Week 2.  If the Chiefs get 5 or more touchdowns they will win.

The Chiefs will Win 38-37.


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