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KC Setting All Time Records on Offense

Mahomes Leading the Way

Bob Fescoe
September 24, 2018 - 3:59 pm

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that what the Chiefs are doing on offense is pretty darn impressive and not just by 2018 standards.  What the Chiefs are doing on offense is historically good and could lead to amazing things down the line if this kind of production keeps up.  Here's a look at the 5 most impressive numbers for the Chiefs this week.


15- That is the number of touchdowns they have thru the first 3 weeks of the season.  That ties them with the 1998 49ers and 2013 Denver Broncos per ESPN.  Both of those teams won their division but the 49ers were knocked out in the Divisional Round of the playoffs while the Broncos were crushed in the Super Bowl.

5- The Chiefs have scored at least 5 touchdowns in each of their first 3 games and the 2007 Patriots are the only other team to accomplish that feat.  The 2007 Patriots went undefeated but ended up losing the Super Bowl to the Giants.

474- The amount of yards the Chiefs defense is giving up per game.  That is the highest number in the NFL.  They are truly employing a bend but don't break defense and coming up with just enough stops to give their offense a chance to win the game.  Defensive stats like this won't be pretty all season long.  They have to get better and that is why they are looking to trade for Earl Thomas.

26- Third down percentage for the Chiefs defense.  Its actually the BEST in the NFL.  Opponents have converted just 8 of 31 attempts against the Chiefs this season.  Its a big reason why they have been able to get just enough stops to preserve wins.

0- Still the number of interceptions Patrick Mahomes as thrown in 2018.  That is the most impressive number of all.  Patrick's father joined our show on Monday morning and he knew his son wouldn't be tossing INT's all over the place like many experts expected!


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