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Chiefs Charge to the AFC West Title

Win on Saturday Has Them Close to the Title

Bob Fescoe
December 17, 2017 - 2:49 pm

With their 30-13 win over the Chargers on Saturday night, the Chiefs are 1 step away from doing something they have NEVER done the HISTORY of the franchise.  They are a win away from winning back to back AFC West titles, a feat that KC hasn't been able to accomplish..EVER!  On Saturday night KC looked like a real post season competitor and they seem to have their swagger back.  How you play in December goes a long way to determining how you play in the post season.  You want to be playing your best football at this time of the year and one could argue Saturday night was the best game the Chiefs have played this season.  They have now won 2 straight games in the final month of the season with 2 remaining against the Dolphins and Broncos.  The Chiefs are trending up while the rest of the West is trending down.  It's a good time to be a Chiefs fan!  So, here is what we take away from the big win.

1.  Andy was right- I disagreed with his suspension of Marcus Peters.  It's time for me to take my own advice and trust the head coach.  The suspension was well received by Peters who came out and balled against LA.  In fact I asked Terez Paylor on Thursday if the suspension saved the season.

2.  Peters was Awesome- I think a lot of folks think because fans don't like Marcus Peters kneeling for the anthem means they don't like him as a player.  You can dislike Peters actions but you can't dislike his play.  He had 2 big time INT's and a strip of the Chargers on Saturday.  He was clearly a difference maker and the way he played against Los Angeles is the way they need him to play in EVERY SINGLE game going forward.  He can change a game by himself.

3.  Hunt Rumbles- Another win, another 20 carries for Kareem Hunt.  It's clockwork.  When he carries the ball 20 or more times, the Chiefs win.  Saturday was no different.  Since Matt Nagy has taken over the play calling duties the offense has been much more balanced than when Reid was calling the plays.  It has to stay this way for the Chiefs to have success.

4. Offensive Line Manned Up- When you have a running back average 6.5 yards per carry and you run for over 150 yards, the offenisve line gets credit.  When you only give up 1 sack and the QB has just 7 incompletions and no interceptions, the offensive line gets credit.  When you hold Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram in check all night long you win the Unsung Hero Award for the Week.  Great job by the offensive line.  They were fantastic.

5. Bob Sutton Gets Credit- Sutton has been on the hot seat with a lot of fans.  Saturday night he called a great game.  They kept Rivers confused all night and at one point he was screaming at his receivers when HE clearly threw a bad ball.  Sutton owns Rivers and it showed again on Saturday.

Chiefs have just 2 games left in the regular season.  Then the fun can begin.  It looks like they will be hosting a wild card game and if the season ended today it would be Tennessee as the opponent.  I like that matchup!

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