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Possible Trap Game?

Chiefs Looking for 3rd Win In A Row

Bob Fescoe
November 01, 2018 - 1:13 pm

So the Cleveland Browns, huh?  How awful is that franchise?  I mean when you think of the Browns...

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Yes it's fun to mock them, but if the Chiefs have the same mindset as me, they could be in for a rude awakening on Sunday.  Here are the 5 things KC MUST do to win this game.

1.  Show up- I know it sounds simple but the Chiefs better show up ready to play.  There is no time in 2018 for a let down.  The New England Patriots are right on their heals and if the Chiefs let up even for a Sunday in Cleveland they will get passed in the standings by the Pats.  They have to take the field with the mindset that on any given Sunday they can lose, including this one to the Browns who just fired their head coach and offensive coordinator.

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2.  First Quarter Points- Last week was the first time the Chiefs didn't score on their opening drive in 2018.  They need to find a way to get first quarter points this Sunday.  KC leads all of the NFL with 75 points in the first quarter of their games.  An early lead against a bad team is a knockout punch.  KC can deliver one early on Sunday.

3.  Go on a long Sunday Drive- The Chiefs are looked at as a team that scores quick.  I think sometimes that is a big misjudgement of this football team.  The Chiefs, surprisingly, lead the NFL in 5 minute or longer drives.  They have 16 of those on the year, 2 per game.  If the Chiefs can take their offense out for a long drive in Cleveland on Sunday they will win the football game.

4.  Set the tone on defense- One scary thing that is leftover from Halloween is how good the Chiefs defense plays on the first series.  The offense gets all the credit for executing their first 15 scripted plays almost perfectly but the defense is stellar on their first series.  No defense in the NFL is better than the Chiefs when it comes to points allowed on the first possession.  KC has only allowed teams to score 3 points all season long on their first drives.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

5.  Run Far- The Chiefs have more 20 or more yard rushing plays than the entire NFL.  10 times this year they have gone over 20 yards on the ground in 1 play.  That is key to beating the Browns.  Cleveland is 28th in the NFL against the run.  If KC can break off a run of 20 or more yards, they will win the game!

I think all of this happens.  No reason to sugar coat it.  KC wins 50-17.

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