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2018 Could Be a Super Year for KC

If These Happen We May Have a Parade Down Grand!

Bob Fescoe
September 05, 2018 - 7:43 pm

So the most anticipated season in years kicks off this weekend for the Chiefs.  From the excitement around Patrick Mahomes to the curiosity we have with this defense there is no doubt our town's team is going to be fun to watch this year.  While everyone is predicting records, I am going to make some bold predictions that I think could happen in 2018 and if they do we could be celebrating a Super Bowl Title.

1.  Pat Mahomes throws for over 4,000 yards.  It doesn't seem that bold on the surface but when you look at Peyton Manning (3700 yards) and Drew Brees (3200 yards) in their first seasons in the NFL, 4,000 would be pretty special.  Mahomes has the weapons around him to get it done. He can also make the impossible throw look very possible...and easy.

2.  Tyreek Hill finishes in the Top 5 in receiving yards in 2018.  Hill will finally emerge from what many consider a gadget player to one of the best in the NFL.  He will show he can do more than just catch the deep ball and by the time the season comes to an end, he will be the go to guy for Mahomes.

3.  Kareem Hunt will NOT suffer a 2nd year slump.  The star running back will again be one of the top rushers in the league.  He will total close to 1,700 all purpose yards in 2018.

4.  Justin Houston returns to double digit sacks.  For the first time since 2014, Justin Houston will be back.  The Chiefs will need him pressuring the QB on almost every single passing play.  The defensive backs will struggle and to compensate for that weakness Houston will have to come up big.  This year he FINALLY earns his pay check.

5.  Andy Reid gets bold.  He shakes that conservative approach and has fun watching Mahomes air it out.  The Chiefs don't suffer that mid season swoon and they roll into the playoffs as the 2 seed and the AFC West Champs.  What happens onces January arrives is anyone's guess but being the 2 seed and playing at home is all you can really ask for in 2018. 

Time to strap in...this is going to be a season to remember!

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