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Chiefs vs Cardinals on Sunday

If the Chiefs do THIS, Then They Will Win

Bob Fescoe
November 08, 2018 - 5:40 am

We have steamrolled past the half way point of the 2018 season and now its time for the final 7 games of the regular season.  How the Chiefs do in these final games will determine their playoff fate.  Clearly they are going to the playoffs, but where they are seeded is still up for grabs.  They are neck and neck with New England for the 1 seed and basically have to run the table to get home field advantage during the post season. There really is no room for error and that is why this game against Arizona is as vital as every game that is left on the schedule.  The Chiefs can't afford to be looking ahead to the Rams next week.  They have to take care of business on Sunday.  Here is how I see a win happening at Arrowhead this weekend.


1.  Throw for 300 yards- I really want to see Patrick Mahomes break the Chiefs record this week of 300 yard games in a season and I also want to see him set an NFL record of 9 consecutive games inside 1 season with 300 or more yards passing.  Right now he is tied with Andrew Luck at 8.  If Mahomes tosss the pigskin for 300 or more yards the Chiefs will win the game, especially since Arizona is a top 10 defense against the pass.

2.  Kareem Hunt runs wild- Arizona is AWFUL against the run this year.  They give up close to 150 yards PER GAME on the ground.  This has big day for Hunt and Spencer Ware written all over it.  If the Chiefs running backs can combine for 150 yards on the ground, Kansas City will win this game going away.

3.  Tyreek Shows Up- Obviously Sammy Watkins will probably be on the bench for this one so its a good opportunity to welcome Tyreek Hill back into the fold.  Hill has only had 1 game OVER 70 yards receiving in his last 7 games.  In fact he's only cracked the century mark 2 times this year.  Make him the focal point of the offense on Sunday and if he gets over 75 yards receiving the Chiefs will win.

4.  Do what you do-   The Chiefs are 40-11 in their last 51 games.  They know how to win in the regular season. This is a game where the Chiefs don't really have to game plan for their opponent.  They are SO much better than Arizona it should be a game where Kansas City is able to go out there and do what they want.  I want to see this team send a message early and open a 3 score lead in the first half.  If they do that, they will win.

5.  Get Big Chunks- The Chiefs are the best team in the NFL on yards per play.  They get OVER 7 yards every single time the run a play on offense.  I want to see them continue that trend on Sunday.  If the Chiefs can average over 7 yards per play against the Cardinals (who give up 5.3 per play, 10th in the NFL) the Chiefs will win.


Chiefs win this one easily.  55-20.

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