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Time for A Title

Chiefs vs Pats on Sunday

Bob Fescoe
January 17, 2019 - 4:37 pm

For the first time EVER the AFC Title Game is in Arrowhead Stadium and the Chiefs have an opportunity to win the Lamar Hunt Trophy for the first time in their storied history.  However, the big bad Patriots await.  They have played in 8 straight title games but have had limited success on the road.  The last time they won a road playoff game, Patrick Mahomes wasn't even in high school yet so the odds do favor the boys in red.  If KC wants to move on to ATL and the Super Bowl, here is what they will have to do on Sunday night.

1.  Stop the Run- It sounds so basic but if the Chiefs can make the Patriots a one dimensional offense they will have a shot to win the game.  Stopping the run puts the Pats in passing situations and that allows Justin Houston and Dee Ford to pin their ears back and rush.  If KC can hold the Patriots of Old England to under 100 yards rushing, they will win the game.

2.  Sammy Watkins Plays Big- The Patriots always take 1 or 2 players out of the game.  I anticipate its going to be Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce.  That means Watkins should have a lot of 1 on 1 coverage and could be poised for a big day.  I can see a game where Watkins has 100 yards on his own.  If he does, the Chiefs will win!

3.  Chris Jones Has A Sack- Bill Belichick called Jones a "problem" this week.  He is a problem for the opposition in both the run game and the passing game.  Jones has made his living getting to the QB this year and one sack of Tom Brady will give the Chiefs a win.

4.  Andy Reid is Aggressive- Reid has been awesome this year.  Dustin Colquitt said on Thursday that Reid is "living out what he wants to do thru Patrick Mahomes."  It appears Andy has found the guy that allows him to be aggressive and go for it on 4th downs and take chances.  Reid and Mahomes may be the perfect NFL marriage.  If they convert on 50% of 4th down attempts, they will win.

5.  Crowd is Loud- I think we will see at least 1 penalty forced by the crowd on Sunday.  KC is so ready for this game.  We have never seen anything this big at Arrowhead.  The fans will be ready to go.  If the crowd can take credit for a New England penalty, KC will win!

Chiefs win.  30-24.  See you in Atlanta.

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