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5 Takeaways From Chiefs vs. Raiders

Stunner in Oakland

Bob Fescoe
October 20, 2017 - 5:39 am

It's safe to say NO ONE has seen a game end that way in the NFL.  The Chiefs lost to the Raiders on Thursday Night 31-30 and it came down to one final play...make that 2 final 3 final plays and the Raiders picked up the win.  The Chiefs now have lost 2 in a row.  Here are my quick takeaways from the win.


1.  Discipline-  There is none on this team.  The Chiefs are one of the most penalized teams in the NFL and their lack of discipline showed up on Thursday.  2 penalties and untimed downs at the end of the game is just unacceptable.  You can't have this and its a direct reflection of Andy Reid.  All season he has brushed off the behavior of Travis Kelce and Marcus Peters.  It's fine if you want to get your players back publicly, but behind the scenes you need to discipline with a heavy hand.  Reid clearly isn't doing that because if he was, this team would be better focused.

2.  Play Calling-  It's hard to be mad at an offense that scored 30.  However with 4:07 to go in the game, you HAVE to pick up a first down.  The Chiefs went 3 and out and left over 2 minutes on the clock for the Raiders.  We all know what happened next.

3.  Tackling- Where have you gone good tacking our nation turns its lonely eyes to you...I think the Chiefs secondary (Marcus Peters) just missed another tackle.  If they continue to tackle like this they won't stop anyone.

4.  Kareem Hunt-  This guy is the best weapon Kansas City has EVER had.  He's amazing.  7 straight games with 100 or more total yards.  The guy is a beast and a game changer.  We say that every week but on Thursday night he ran hard, ran with a purpose and tried to carry his team to a win.

5.  Alex Smith- I know it was a loss and everyone wants to blame the QB but he was really really good again.  He threw for just under 350 yards and had 3 touchdowns.  Plus he lead his team on a 99 yard drive for a score completing 2 passes for 34 and 64 yards.  Who says #11 can't throw the deep ball??

The Chiefs now have over a week to get ready for Monday night's game against the Broncos.  It now becomes a must win game for KC.  They have to get the stink of losing off their bodies and get a big win over Denver.  I still believe in this team, but its time to start playing like a Super Bowl contender again.

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