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5 Quick Takeaways from Chiefs vs Steelers

KC Shows Room for Improvement

Bob Fescoe
October 15, 2017 - 6:46 pm

The Chiefs finally lost on Sunday 19-13 and with that there are no more unbeaten teams in the NFL.  It was by far their worst performance of the year.  The Steelers gained early momentum and never really let the Chiefs back into the game.  Here are 5 quick takeaways from the game that stood out to me on Sunday.


1.  Andy Reid-  He reverted to Indy Reid (the man who blew a 38-10 lead in the playoffs) on Sunday.  With the Chiefs down 2 scores late in the 2nd half, Reid went for it on 4th and goal instead of kicking a field goal.  A field goal would have made it a one possession game but Reid went for 7 instead and failed.  The Chiefs ended up losing by 6 but could have just needed a field goal to tie at the end instead of a touchdown to win.

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2.  Alex Smith- He wasn't the same QB we saw in the first 5 games this season.  He missed receivers down field today and showed a lot of the Smith doubters why they still may be correct about the Chiefs current signal caller.  Smith has to do a better job finding and hitting the open receiver.  He was not good at that on Sunday

3.  Offensive line- They are offensive.  They are so bad that at one point in the first half Cam Erving had more penalty yards than total offensive yards.  They force the passing offense to be limited as Smith is forced to be in the shotgun on almost every single play.  Plus with Zack Fulton's snap over the head of Smith, it cost the team 2 early points.  The line was just gross on Sunday and the Chiefs were held to under 50 yards rushing.  Plus Smith was on his back a lot.

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4.  Run defense- It's been showing signs all season of not being a strong point for KC, but on Sunday they were awful.  Le'Veon Bell ran for 179 yards on Sunday bringing back signs of the 2017 Playoff Game at Arrowhead.  Football still comes down to running the football and stopping the run.  The Chiefs did neither against the Steelers.

5. Concern for Tyreek Hill-  He was hammered on a punt return late in the 4th quarter and was immediately taken to the bench to be examined.  With a short week and a Thursday night showdown in Oakland on the agenda, hopefully Hill is ok and can play.  They will need him in a few days to get a win

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