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The 10 People We HATE In March

We Can All Relate to this List!!!!

Bob Fescoe
March 12, 2018 - 3:02 pm

March Madness has arrived and over the next few days, folks all over America will fill out their brackets in hopes of winning big!  On Thursday the tournament starts and you can join us at Winning Streaks inside of Harrah's North KC Casino for our watch party where someone will win $1000 on both Thursday and Friday!  As we get closer to the start of the action, we can all agree that there are some folks who really make March Madness less enjoyable.  So without further adieu, here is my list of 10 people we hate in March!

10.  Charles Barkley- Sir Charles can go both ways.  The basketball purists HATE him while the casual fan, like myself, love him.  Sir Charles adds fun to the broadcast and his no holds barred approach really works at times when we take things too seriously in life.  I love Charles but I know there are a lot that dislike him.

9.  Coach K- We are all jealous he isn't the head coach for our program.  He does nothing but dominate college basketball and is the winningest coach of all time.  There is something about him though that we can all agree we don't like..its probably the winning that is oozing out of his pores as we speak.

8.  The guy who roots against his alma mater because it helps his bracket- You should never openly root against your school...unless there is so much money on the line you have no choice.  Regardless of what your alma mater is, you should always pick them in at least the first two rounds of the tournament. I would rather have my bracket go down in flames and my team win the title.

7.  Anyone (@realmikewelch) who doesn't like One Shining MomentNo matter how bad the song is, its great.  It symbolizes the end to the 3 best weeks in sports.  It concludes the best overall event in sports and it means Spring is here! So if you don't like One Shining Moment, I don't like you! (Its especially good when your team wins the title)

6.  The guy that fills out more than 1 bracket- You can enter as many pools as you want but use the same bracket.  Don't be that guy at the bar on Thursday or Friday rooting for everyone..or forgetting who you picked.  Stick with a bracket and ride that puppy out.

5.  Jim Nantz- He always has scripted endings to the title game and he gets mocked every single year.  For once, I would just like Nantz to let it come to him naturally so it doesn't sound so forced.  Hopefully Tony Romo will be by his side this March!

Here's the game if you want to re-live it...

4.  The guy who is constantly updating you on HIS bracket- Bro, we don't care.  No one cares about your bracket except you.  This has to be the #1 rule of the next few weeks.  Don't tell anyone about your bracket.  We just don't care.  We have a hard enough time remembering who we picked let alone you.

3.  The guy who hasn't watched a game all year but knows what 12 is beating what 5- This is the most annoying guy out there.  He has maybe seen one full game all year and that is because he happened to arrive at the bar at tip and stayed well after the game ended.  He really has no knowledge of college hoops but he can sure give the advice to everyone who is within shouting distance...and if you happen to miss his "upset special" don't worry he will be more than happy to share it again...and again...and again.

2.  The guy who doesn't pay- Yeah, we all have that person around the office or in your circle of friends.  If you enter a pool and don't pay by tip on Thursday your bracket is disqualified.  Sorry...we don't have time for freeloaders anymore.  If you can't pay, you can't play. No one needs to be chasing money well after the Masters wraps up. (Its on CBS this year)

1.  Grayson Allen- This 7th year senior at Duke is everything that is wrong with college basketball.  Even Duke fans don't like this guy.  He is out to injure the opponent and that is just not the way basketball was meant to be played. Allen is a darn good player but he's not a darn good dude.  Its too bad he's let his repuation get in the way of his talent.

Who did we miss?  Who should be on this list?  Let me know and shoot me a tweet!  Hope your bracket wins you some great prizes and your team wins the title!


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